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Direct Thanh Hoa – Binh Duong: reflex reflex Tan Truong (KT) – 24h football


Thursday, February 21, 2019 16:45 PM (GMT + 7)

(Football directly Thanh Hoa – Binh Duong, first round of V-League 2019) Tan Truong had a great reflection period to stop Rimario from scoring.

Direct Thanh Hoa - Binh Duong: Tan Truong reflex (KT) - 1 1 – 1 Direct Thanh Hoa - Binh Duong: Tan Truong reflex (KT) - 2
Thanh Hoa Bình Dương


HOT: & # 39;

At the end of the game, Thanh Hoa and Becamex Binh Duong 1-1 pulled.

1 & # 39;

Binh Duong serves the first half.

Startup startup:

Thanh Hoa: Buu Ngoc, Ndip, Minh Tung, Tan Thanh, Huu Dung, Van Thang, Rimario, Monday, Trong Hung, Van Nam, Van Long.

Binh Duong: Tan Truong, Ho Tan Tai, Anh Tai, Dinh Hoang Max, Wander Luiz, Dong Trieu, Trung Tin, Mansaray, Sy Giap, Van Vu, Rambo Ali.

4 & # 39;

Rimario gets an insight into the ball in the Binh Duong penalty area but she can be contacted and they can not handle it promptly.

5 & ​​# 39;

WE ARE NOT YOU! Rimario has a very good shot to Van Thang crossing Binh Duong Bridge, but Tan Truong is trying to stop the shot!

9 & # 39;

NOT ON! Thanh Hoa had a very left Trong Hung parade, but Tan Truong closed the corner to stop shooting sinking.

15 & # 39;

NOT ON! Thanh Hoa crafts to lose the ball and Wander Luiz came down to face the goalkeeper, but Buu Ngoc rushed early to block and lie behind the collision.

21 & # 39;

Tien Thanh was too dangerous to have Wander Luiz to get the ball, and then Dong Trieu had a great revival on the left. Thanh Hoa's defense was cut off on his horizontal side to Mansaray.

22 & # 39;

NOT ON! Wander Luiz raised the ball on the right wing and, although he followed the player Thanh Hoa, he came from a tight angle and stretched, Bu Bu Ngoc had to push the ball out.

29 & # 39;

NOT ON! Thanh Hoa enjoys a free kick on the left wing and Van Thang is present in the dead corner to hit the pen, but the ball goes to the edge of the net.

35 & # 39;

MEWN! THANH HOA 1-0 BINH DUONG !! A free-kick kick from Thanh Hoa was causing promotion immediately before Binh Duong Bridge, and Rimario was the fastest to put the ball into the net!

43 & # 39;

Dinh Hoang Max takes a free card to Binh Duong and Wander Luiz receives the ball, but a long-range heading does not threaten Thanh Hoa's goal.

45 + 2 & # 39;

Dinh Tien Thanh had a controlled period and then shot off, the ball went down and almost reached the Rimario footprint in the 16m50 area of ​​Binh Duong.

& # 39;

At the end of the first half, lead Thanh Hoa temporarily 1-0 to Binh Duong.

46 & # 39;

DANGER! Thanh Hoa gave the ball to start the second half and immediately they got the chance, but Van Nam could only bring the ball into the net from a tight angle.

51 & # 39;

DANGER! Rimario manages a long ball similar to the chest and turns the right from the outside, but the ball goes over the bar.

51 & # 39;

NOT ON! Rimario has a very good route to beat Rabo Ali, his kick from a tight corner turns Tan Truong but the ball just breaks the surface!

54 & # 39;

The people of Binh Duong have replaced. The Dragon replaced Trung Tin at the center.

58 & # 39;

NOT ON! Monday has a penalty for the Binh Duong penalty area, which is quite accurate for one team, but visitors have won the ball. Then, Wander Luiz came to an end to Dinh Tung but did not win the blow by Buu Ngoc.

64 & # 39;

Thanh Hoa enjoys a free kick and Rimario receives a free kick. He was about to turn around and catch the ball straight away but make a mistake.

66 & # 39;

AR !! THANH HOA 1-1 BINH DUONG !! Thanh Hoa craftsman has a lack of concentration to deal with a long ball in the penalty area, and Mansaray, even in a tight corner, kicks to beat Buu Ngoc !!

68 & # 39;

The people of Binh Duong have replaced. Ngoc Tinh came to replace Dong Trieu as a midfielder.

70 & # 39;

Thanh Hoa won a penalty on the right wing. Rimario takes a straight shot but the ball is too high.

78 & # 39;

Thanh Hoa replaced people. Dinh Tung Samuel abolished Monday to kick the attacker.

80 & # 39;

Wander Luiz had a gig of fish in the limited area of ​​Thanh Hoa but was punished.

82 & # 39;

Ndip has a cross into the 5m50 area of ​​Binh Duong but Tan Tai in the farthest corner holds the ball because it is too close to the position of Tan Truong goalkeeper.

84 & # 39;

Thanh Hoa replaced people. Le Thanh Binh replaced Trong Hung to increase the number of strikers. Dinh Tien Thanh left the field due to injury, Le Van Dai went to the field.

87 & # 39;

DANGER !! Dinh Hoang Max came in from the right wing, but Thanh Long's heading did not go too.

90 + 1 & # 39;

NOT ON! Rimario has a kick to bring friends down team. Binh Duong's defender broke but Van Thang had a chance to finish, although his kick went into the net.

90 + 2 & # 39;

DO NOT ON! Thanh Hoa scored a free kick on the right wing and Rimario came to an end, but Tan Truong pushed the ball overlooking the bar !!

& # 39;

At the end of the game, Thanh Hoa and Becamex Binh Duong 1-1 pulled.

Start the fire

The Vietnam National Championship, V-League 2019 will officially enter the competition on February 21. One of the most anticipated games is the confrontation between Thanh Hoa and Binh Duong at Thanh Hoa stadium .

Directly Thanh Hoa - Binh Duong: Tan Truong Reflex (KT) - 5

Thanh Hoa matches Binh Duong will be the opening game of the V-League 2019

The Thanh team has blended many personnel before the new season as they cut off many players such as Trong Hoang, Omar, Bui Tien Dung … However, the team is in the hands of Nguyen Huu Thang's coach still worth laugh. players like Dinh Tung and Rimario on public goods.

The home team was also focusing quickly and ready for the new season. Definitely three points are Nguyen Huu Thang's teachers' goal in this game.

Meanwhile, Binh Duong's visitors had a game against the Super Super Cup, but failed to miss 0-2 to Hanoi. This tour promises to be very attractive by the Junior land team certainly does not want to leave.

The referee Hoang Pham Cong Khanh arrested the opening game

According to the assignment by BTC, the referee Cong Khanh will be the main player in the game between Thanh Hoa and Binh Duong at 5:00 p.m. The Cong Khanh adjudicator and assistants were present at Thanh Hoa to complete the preparation for the brilliant game.

A game of the national football tournament V-League 2019 Championship

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