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De Gea insisted on a huge wage increase

The news release 29/11 has the following main content:

Bayern Munich's sports director Hassan Salihamidzic has refused the club to contact Arsene Wenger manager.

Hassan Salihamidzic confirmed, "Gray Gobster" still believed trainer Niko Kovac.

AC Milan Fabregas's attitude According to Corriere dello Sport, in the next few days, Milan will meet with Chelsea representatives to discuss the recruitment of Cesc Fabregas.

At present, there are many calls between the two sides. With no chance to play regularly at Chelsea, the F4 has become a number one target for Milan in January.

Moussa Dembele wants to get a pay of 8 million euros a year. Moussa Dembele will end with Tottenham at the end of the season.

Information from Calciomercato, the Belgian midfielder, wants to receive a 8 million euro / term salary on a new contract or a new club.

Andy King wants to leave City Leicester City Andy King's contract with "Fox" will end in summer 2020.

According to The Telegraph, because he did not compete in the first team, he was asked to leave in the January transfer window.

De Gea claims that MU Manchester United manager is looking for ways to persuade De Gea to extend the contract.

According to the Daily Mail, a Spanish washer wants to receive £ 350,000 a week to sign a new contract.

Dinas is worried about Isco The future of Isco is being questioned, when the Spanish midfielder crossed out of the latest Real game.

Mundo Deportivo, former Malaga player, is interested in Malaga.

Sanchez is not happy with the way Mourinho treats it in Manchester United.

Therefore, the Chile assault decided to leave Old Trafford in the forthcoming East markets.

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