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Customers of the pub leave their cars when checked by the alcohol police


With a night of 21/5, Hanoi traffic police set up a distance of 500m from a pub, checking many guests on departure.

On the evening of May 21, the Transport Police Team No. 6 (Hanoi Police) set up a check to check the driver's alcohol concentration coming out of the pub on Hoang Quoc Viet Street. Seeing guests showing signs of intoxication, the confidential person will inform the police immediately for 500 meters away to show the stop of the inspection vehicle.

Working group to check the driver's alcohol concentration. Photo: Gia Chinh

Working group to check the driver's alcohol concentration. Picture: Gia Chinh

Many motorcyclists were stopped, asking for a shot on the alcohol meter. Among them, a man has a concentration to measure 0.48 milligrams / liter of respiratory gas repeatedly insults the power of the duty after failing to show identification.

Another person during the inspection immediately removed the key, left the motorcycle and entered the neighboring state agency. When the traffic police are asked to work, this person protests, and does not blow on the alcohol meter with the reason "there is no offense that must be done." as required ". He confirmed "don't drink alcohol ".

The traffic police said the vehicles that have left them will be sealed and transported to the headquarters. The vehicle owner who opposes the alcohol concentration will get a 3.5 million VND fine and will keep the car for 7 days.

Police move on to sealing vehicles. Photo: Gia Chinh

Police have sealed vehicles. Picture: Gia Chinh

Follow police officer, vObjectors objecting to being asked to measure alcohol content are not uncommon. "The penalty corresponds to the punishment for motorists with the highest level of alcohol test results, so leaving the car is not conducive to the driver", he said. sharing.

Decree 46/2016 marks a fine of between one million diamonds and two million doses for motorcyclists whose alcohol concentration or breath concentration is more than 50 milligrams to 80 milligrams / 100 milliliters of blood or more than 0.25 milligrams. 0.4 milligrams / liter of air breathing. Additional penalties are deprived of the right to use a Driving License from one month to the bath.

The fine level of 3 million VND to 4 million VND will apply to motorcyclists who fail to comply with drug quality inspection and the alcohol content requirements of people on duty; driving vehicles on roads where blood or breath contains alcohol over 80 milligrams / 100 milliliters of blood or more than 0.4 milligrams / 1 liter of air breathing. The additional penalty is denied the right to use a Driving License from 3 months to 5 months.

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