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Considering GS, Assoc: 14 candidates are applying for withdrawal, 4 candidates do not have enough confidence votes | Education


Today 6.12, the Ministry of Education and Training Gateway announced the results of the 4th session of the State GS Council (held at 5.12) on the discussion and conduct of voting on the candidate. considered to be recognized as meeting GS’s title, Assoc. Professor Phung Xuan Nha, Minister of Education and Training, Chairman of GS State Council for the 2018-2023 term, chaired the meeting.

Accordingly, the number of candidates evaluated by 28 teachers, interdisciplinary boards and the State Teachers Council is 357 people, including 40 GS candidates, 317 PGS candidates. As a result, 339 candidates meet the number of credit votes as prescribed, and 39 candidates for professions, 300 candidates for Associate Professor. However, the specific list of these 339 candidates has not been published.

Why are 18 candidates “failed” Teacher, Associate Professor?

About 18 candidates “failed”, as explained by the Ministry of Education and Training, or candidates themselves withdrawn, or not enough confidence votes.

In particular, having received candidate dossiers from the sectoral and interdisciplinary GS Councils, the State Council of Teachers Office has liaised with the functional units of the Ministry of Education and Training and the fixed office of the sector GS Council. , interdisciplinary inspection and review further tests the candidate’s profile, reports to the State Council of Standing GS before submission to the State GS Council for consideration and recognition.

During the review process, 14 applicants withdraw their dossiers and do not require further consideration (of which 1 candidate is a GS and 13 candidates for a PGS). Therefore, the number of official candidates under consideration at the State GS Council is 343 candidates, including 39 candidates for GS and 304 candidates for Associate Teacher.

At the 4th meeting, the State GS Council publicly discussed the profile of each candidate, elected the vote count committee and voted on the results of the GS branch, interdisciplinary Council review and the list of candidates. eligible to be recognized as meeting GS title standards, Assoc. For the cases with the letter of application, the Council carefully considered and voted to hold the vote for each case. As a result, 339 candidates achieve the number of confidence votes as mentioned above.

Social criticism is a useful source of information

The Ministry of Education and Training assessed that the quality of applicants for GS and Associate Teachers in 2020 was essentially good, most candidates sometimes have scientific research published in prestigious international journals on the ISI list, Scopus . .

Disclosure of eligible candidate information on higher education institution websites and State GS Council website reflects the openness and transparency of the application process. standards GS, Assoc. The critical information from the society, the community of scientists … is a useful source of information to help the GS Council at all levels select qualified candidates who deserve the title of Professor, Associate Professor of the year. 2020.

Many candidates campaign for voluntary withdrawal

Like a newspaper Youth he reported that after meetings of the GS Council branches, interdisciplinary boards, 26/28 (excluding the science and safety, military science councils) had offered to the State GS Council for public consideration. the GS standard, the title of Associate Professor in 2020, received a list of 321 candidates, of which 40 are GS candidates, 281 Associate Professor.

However, there followed a series of criticisms from the society, the scientific community said that dozens of applicants, most of the medical and pharmaceutical disciplines did not have enough prestigious international articles, even some suspected violates scientific integrity. In the medical industry alone, 31/40 applicants were denied; In the pharmaceutical industry, 5 out of 10 applicants were denied.

Therefore, the State Council of Teachers decided to defer consideration of Teachers, Associate Teachers, so that the Council of affiliated and interdisciplinary branches had time to review their candidate dossiers.

The results of the review were officially informed by both medical and pharmaceutical councils to the press on October 30. Accordingly, the medical industry has only 2 candidates who are “considered wrong”, given “debt” conditions for 4 applicants. And the pharmaceutical industry continued to confirm that after review there were only 1 cases where PGS reduced the number of articles but still met the required standards, so the results did not change.

According to a newspaper source Youth, after October 30, the Medical Teachers Council held a meeting again for review, some more candidates were “assembled” to remove their dossiers on their own. However, no specific press information was provided on the final list of the two medical and pharmaceutical industries reviewed.

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