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Closer to the railway, the man died

Tuesday, November 27, 1818 16:24 PM (GMT + 7)

Seeing the man going through the fence to the railways when the train is blocked to the people shouting, but hindering but failing.

Cliff to railways, man died - 1

The police are present in the scene

In the afternoon on November 27, the police in Region 3, Ho Chi Minh City still looks at the scene, investigating the cause of the death of men in the area.

Initial information, at noon the same day, people living near the north line to the south (Ward 11, Class 3 section) saw the man going through & # 39 ; r rail fence to railings while the train marvels. warn, warn

Closer to the railways, men will die - 2

Railway sector staff were coordinated with the authorities to explain the incident

When the North and South trains ran over, people rushed to the inspection site to find out that the victim had died on the fence, the body has many injuries.

To accept the report, the police presenting the case, take witness evidence.

The neck of his love, then he was thrown by the train

In anger, Ngoc with knife Th. to a threat Then, Ngoc ran behind the house and crossed the street.

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