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Closed cameras reveal the demand for some rent in the UK-the-World


Tuesday, 21/05/2019 19:45 PM (GMT + 7)

A man in his 40s offers the tenant a free one bedroom flat provided he agrees to have several times a week.

According to Mirror, meeting a girl who did not know she had filmed, the man offered to have about three times a week in exchange for a rent exemption.

“Be in my girlfriend or pay £ 700 a month for rent. I just want to be happy. Do you agree? ”

Before that, the man asked the girl to send her "sexual" picture before the meeting. "I want to know what I'm going to get," the man said.

When the girl was in the place, the man sat in the car, wishing to take her to see the house. But the girl refused.

"I gave her the house for free and I asked for a little thing," said the man, before going to detail.

“It doesn't mean we have to do it every night. Only natural fun and couples, like couples, ”said the man. "That won't happen every day."

Hidden cameras reveal the demand for sex to rent in the UK - 1

The British man said he was willing to rent an apartment as long as he had sex.

The man said that eight other women had agreed to rent a room and what they were offering was "unimaginable". The man who talked about having a girl actively changed sex to be exempt from rent.

The video partly shows how people leasing take advantage of women, in problems that occurred last year in the UK. Under English law, people who benefit from renting for sex can be imprisoned for up to 7 years. But in reality, no one has been sentenced to a prison in the UK, mainly because of a lack of evidence.

The British newspaper also synthesises many stories about women who have suffered from sex. In one case, the landlord said: "Internet, TV … is free. You need to buy your own food and offer sex exchange."

Last April, the British court tried the 30-year-old Mamun Rashid, taking advantage of a tenancy to attract the three daughters to her flat in East London.

Rashid originally offered to change sex at a free monthly rent. After the women refused, the victims defeated. Rashid was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by a British court.

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