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Causes many "swallowed" fish ponds subscription holes, pad fields


In consecutive days of 26 and 27/11, Ban Tan village, the Bang Lung town, the district of Don Don (Bac Kan province) appeared a lot of subscription holes that caused damage to people's property.

The hole in Mrs. village pond. Ban Thi Thuc, Ban Tan. Photo: Duc Hieu - VNA

The hole in Mrs. village pond. Ban Thi Thuc, Ban Tan. Photo: Duc Hieu – VNA

Deep holes "push" fish in the pool

In Ban Thi Thuc family fish ponds, the village of Ban Tan, the Bang Lung town, the Don Don area, appeared 3 large subscription holes, causing the whole pool water to be pulled back to the pool In the pool, water is sucked into deep holes.

The settlement was the largest settlement near the pond, which broke a fairly long pool; Part of the next field also has dropped to the hole.

According to the correspondent, the hole is approximately 14m diameter, a depth of about 16 m, a bamboo bush and a tree oak are also a "deep hole", the hole still stairs, the risk of continuous litter. sleid. The hole in the middle is a small stream, the whole water of the stream also flows into this hole and the underground circuit makes the pool inaccessible.

The pool is about 5-6 m and two other subscription holes in Mrs. Ban Thi Thuc, these two holes are a smaller diameter, about 5 m and about 2-3 m in depth.

Ms. said. Thi Thi Thuc: About 15 y.m. on November 26, everyone in his family heard the scary when the earthquake ran out, a large hole "swallowed up" the pool and part of the plot. edge; for about 19 hours the same day continues to appear two zinc conferences, causing the fish ponds to be washed down the deep holes. In the morning and afternoon on November 27, his family pumped the water into the pool in the pool and moved people to catch fish to reduce the damage.

Mrs. added. While its family's fish ponds are about 3,000 square meters in size and fish have been stocked for two years, but now most of the fish have dropped down the drain. In 2017, this area also appears in tanks tanks, but only the small hole, its family has used the land to complete, this time appears bigger and deeper holes.

About 10 m from Mrs Thuc's family pool, about 17 hours on November 27, Mr Hoang Van Sang's field was also a hole of about 4 m diameter, about 2m deep. The sinkhole has "swallowed" a family of corn.

Sokhole sucks water and fish. Photo: Duc Hieu - VNA

The pool sucks "squeezing" the whole country and fish. Photo: Duc Hieu – VNA

Mr Sang said: A few days ago also seems a small fuel hole and the family has filled. His family and people in the village want authorities to find the case soon, overcoming a subscription phenomenon to peace of mind.

Mr Mong Mong, the village of Bang Tan, the Don Don area said: "When a subscription takes place, people make me down, see a corner of the deep hole of the" swallowed "family, right to harvest family rice fields have finished harvesting ".

Mr Co said by 2016 that small subsidiary holes, in 2017, would appear more subscription holes in the field and pools and family. The pool was a deep hole to drain water, it can not keep fish, its family went to fall now.

What is the case?

Shortly after the subscription takes place in the village of Ban Tan, representatives of the Natural Resources Department and the Bac Kan Environment Agency, the Geoscorau and Mineral Resources Organization (MONRE), the Regional People Committee of Cho Don, go down the field of measure , record, find the case and get a correction plan.

Mr Nguyen Quoc Khanh, researcher of the Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, chaired the project of assessing and studying a subscription phenomenon in the town of Bang Lung and Bang Lang commune, the Ngoc Phai area, Don Don area: In Ban Tan village , the Bang Lung town, the Don Don area, the pit has the largest slopes of approximately 280 m2, the small hole has approximately 25 m2. Here is the largest subscription of more than 80 subscription pods in the area.

This is a caster geological area with many underground underground caves, a geological structure, falling stratigraphy in the area, falling on the cover layer. This soil is mainly sandy soil and purple so it is easy to wash off, higher, there is a layer of clay with a thickness of 0.8 – 1 m2. When the effects of factors are like groundwater, the underground water pumping phenomenon is likely to occur, a subscription phenomenon occurs in much in the dry season.

At present, the geological survey has been completed, the unit makes geophysical measurements of some lines that are broken through the location of the hole, after having the results together with the unit's water level monitoring data provide more specific recommendations and define areas of subscription risk.

In order to ensure safety, Bac Kan Natural Resources and Environment Department also instructed specialized agencies in the Don Don area to inform people in the area not to access the subscription pool, continue to monitor the subscription and subscription. Timely information, reporting to specialist agencies.

Prior to that, on January 2, 2016 at Block 10, the Bang Lung town, the Don Don area took place with a hole about 15 m in depth, about 20 m2 wide. Subscription subscription near the provincial road 254 occurred on road traffic being persels. At the beginning of 2017, in the village of Ban Tan, the Bang Lung town, the Cho Don area has also taken place almost 20 holes being damaged, and many aquaculture ponds are damaged, the stream flows through & 39; The village also drained water.

The subscription in the Don Don area, the province of Bac Kan has been a long time and density increases. In that situation, the People's Committee of the Bac Kan province has co-ordinated with the Department of Geology and General Minerals of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to identify cases and take remedial action to stabilize people's lives.

At the conference conference on the Don Don area in February / 2017, the professional body has evaluated the basic cause of the subscription phenomenon mentioned above because the natural conditions created There are open cavern systems (the ceiling of the ug weak, aqueous and not aqueous), and the system of cracked masks contains water. Due to natural geological features, crack carbonate rocks are cut by water that can remove and wash silk or cavern (caster caves) which form the canal system. Open caves systems can occur when a subscription is favorable. In addition, exploitation of underground water in the area and surrounding areas, mining activities in the area and surrounding areas can be an indirect subscription case.

According to the province of Bac Kan, the province will continue to cooperate with the Central Geological Institute, soon to get the right results of the subscription phenomenon to take long-term medicines. In the near future, life and property security is needed for people, to find safe places for households in dangerous areas, to relocate homes with cracked houses that have located near the emergency reservoir pool ; Damage statistics and plans to support the people.

In addition, local, sectoral functions are tracking and reporting on the regular situation. Party Committees and local authorities continue to do well with propaganda and move people in the area to stabilize their lives; Strengthen security and order in the area.

Manh Ha – Duc Hieu

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