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Cars fly off the bridge after the terrible back of the car driver


Thursday, November 15, 2012 08:50 AM (GMT + 7)

By driving Mazda CX5 car back, hit the hawker and then crash down the embankment of the Red River, the capsule's belt.

Glue the car driver back down through the bridge to the Afon Coch embankment. Source: Audience

The event took place on the afternoon of 14/11, on Duong Vuong Street, Coc Leu Ward, Dinas Lao Cai.

According to the people, at the time, Mazda CX5 cars carry the control panel 24A – 098.xx by traffic that drives a woman on The Duong Vuong.

When the car came to the Sao Mai karaoke bar, the city of Lao Cai, the driver was unexpectedly for a grave. Next, the CX5 came into the Kia Morning car tail and fell across the bridge to the Afon Coch embankment. When discovering the incident, people went down to the area accidentally, rescued the girl out of the car and notified the authorities.

Cars fly off the bridge after the driver's back burner - 1

Scene and accident. Photo: Ha Hoang

Dang Thanh Huong, Chairman of Coc Leu Ward, said that the accident caused the woman driving a CX5 car minor injuries. The CX5 was reversed and damaged seriously. After a few minutes of the incident, the police were present in the scene investigating the cause of the accident.

Car crash to the Red River: A car for a motorcycle lane is an incorrect design

The Mercedes joined the Afon Coch when circulating on a motorcycle lane.

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