Sunday , August 14 2022

At the end of the week, the North moved rain, there were places down 13 degrees Celsius


According to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Outlook, today (February 22), cold air will continue to affect other places in North East, North Midlands, and then affect some in the west of & # 39; north and central central region. North east wind at 2-3 mainland level, 3-4 coastal zone.

Due to the influence of cold air, in the eastern state of the North and North Central, there is rain, scattered rain and places with dark storms. Cold at night and bright with the lowest temperature of 16-19 degrees Celsius, mountains 13-16 degrees C.

In North Tonkin Valley and the North East region, North East winds increase steadily to level 6, level 7; rough sea.

The weather of Hanoi in the morning and tomorrow (February 23) with rain and scattered showers. It's cold at night and bright.

At the end of the week, North moved cold rain, some places down to 13 degrees C - 1

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