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Announces the fourth exam that is the subject of a grade 10 secondary school


The Distribution of Hanoi Department of Education and Training sends Education and Training Departments, secondary schools, professional centers – regular education, publishing the entry exam subjects to the 10th grade secondary school in the 2019-2020 school year.

In particular, for the foreign language test, the candidate is chosen to register for one of the following languages: English, French, Japanese (candidates can register for a foreign language exam except for a foreign language that is receiving studying at school). Secondary school).

Tests of Maths and Literature in the form of an essay, 120 minutes of time. The foreign language test in the form of combine objective tests and self-argument, the time to study is 60 minutes.


The examination takes place on 2-3 June with 4 compulsory and independent exams including: Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Language and History. (Picture: My Ha)

The tests or the test in the form of an objective test include a number of exam questions in a test room to obtain two principles: The two adjacent candidates do not match the code, Candidates test the multiple choice questions, the results Candidate tests on multiple choice questions are marked by computer software.

The test includes questions according to the Ministry of Education and Training secondary education information and skills standard, mainly in the 9th grade program.

Mathematics and Literature tests ensure 4 levels: Recognize, understand, apply low, high qualification. The Foreign Language and History Examinations are mainly at an awareness level, understanding and some low level sentences.

According to the previous announcement of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, 2019-2020 school year, the whole city has 101,460 students graduating from secondary schools, reducing 4,000 students compared to the previous year.


This year's examination does not apply the failure to add motivation points for the achievement of students gained from the cultural, scientific and technical examinations, occupational certificates. (Picture: My Ha)

In the entry examination for the new 10th grade, the 2019 school year – 2020 is: instead of the old registration form that is a combination of the access examination and the admissions review, 2019, consideration of the consequences of the receipt will be considered only based on student examination results.

This year's exam does not mean a failure to add motivation points for the achievement of students gained from the cultural, scientific and technical examinations, occupational certificates …, without calculating school-based training and learning scores junior secondary.

Around 60-62% of students are recruited to public secondary schools, 20% for private secondary schools, 10% to attend vocational education centers – general education, the rest join vocational training.

In preparation for the 10th entry examination, the Director of Education, Training and Education Department, Decision 227 / QD-SGDĐT, from February 19-22, announced the establishment of three teams to check the conditions recruiting. named in the 10th grade in the area. This is the Department's annual office before each registration term.

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