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Aims aim at AFF Cup final


In the two rounds of the final AFF Cup, Van Resolution was always scored for the Vietnam team, who scored both in the first leg of the final on the field.

In 2014, Nguyen Van Quyet was the author of the Malaysian goal at Shah Alam Stadium in Selangor, Malaysia, winning a 2-1 win to Vietnam in the semi-finals.

It was a very nice goal, when Van Decision received a mass from Mac Hong Quan's team, turning the ball through a Ma's team defender, before the technical claw with his left foot to the net.

The decision fails in the 2018 AFF Cup group, but knows the final, he will play the Vietnam team's hero (picture: Xuanzang)

The decision fails in the 2018 AFF Cup group, but knows the final, he will play the Vietnam team's hero (picture: Xuanzang)

In the 2016 AFF Cup final, also in the first leg at the Pakansari Stadium in Bogor (Indonesia), Van Decision is the only author for the Vietnam team to the island's net.

Here is the situation that fits Nguyen Huu Thang's penalty in the 17 minutes. In the context that many Vietnamese players are not confident enough to make the penalty penalty alone, the game was equalized to 1-1 for the Vietnam team, despite the pressure of more than 30,000 opposition supporters.

In the first phase of the first round of that year, Vietnam saw losing 1-2, but Van Quy is still one of the best players.

In the current Vietnam team, there are no players who play more goals of the chewing season than Van Quyet, or any other players who play twice in two games. The AFF Cup semi-finals are as follows.

Such a player deserves to be stable, as well as being worthy of being called rich. Meanwhile, at the time the Statement was disappointing in the AFF Cup this year, there was a part of supporters and professionals hoping that the Decision could shine at the deliberate moment of the Eastern Championships. South Asia, becoming a Vietnamese football hero.

Looking through the Van Resolution career, the player's demand is stable. No such explosion as Cong Phuong, do not create strong communication effects like Vin Vin, but Van Resolution is still playing regularly or seasonally in the 5th League.

A player like this, thinks that he is not a bad player. The decision may not be good in this year's league, but the factor style can change. Perhaps at a time when the young players are having trouble with the AFF Cup final, Van Quyet can have experience and skills to overcome!

The decision is less technical, no less than skill and tactical look. It can not be said that such a player is not useful for the Vietnamese team. Having reached the final goal and helping the Vietnam team over the Philippine competitors, believing that Van Resolution will be in a different position in the hearts of fans, the surplus status to be a hero!

Trong Vu

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