Saturday , October 1 2022

Agribank Bankruptcy Shows | Finance – Business


According to Agribank, in recent days, due to the impact of rumors, in some areas, in particular industrial parks have taken place for phenomenon workers to apply to leave the bank back. The risk of being used by the bad men to stimulate, causing psychological uncertainty to customers.

According to Agribank, on May 30, 2016, file Agribank II Financial Leasing Company (ALC II) petition for bankruptcy and at 31.7.2018 the People's Court was approved The city decided to become bankrupt. On October 12, the State Bank abolished the license for the establishment of ALC II. The errors made in ALC II during 2006-2008 were discovered and processed many years ago. ALC II bankruptcy has not affected Agribank operations as well as customer deposits.

However, after the police investigation was arrested, Le Bach Hong, a former general director of the Social Security of Vietnam on 9/11, some information refers to a loan ALC II of the VN Social Insurance capital Agribank guarantee At the same time "ALC II is bankrupt, Agribank must be responsible for repaying a debt on behalf of ALC II.

In this regard, the Vietnam State Audit audit report for Vietnam's Social Insurance has concurredly concluded the police investigation is checked and the court deals with the order . . Agribank will inform you after the qualifying authority expires.

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