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A Vietnamese girl responsible for trading almost 400 trillion causes a social fever? -News


Heavyweight workload does not drown the page, she knows how to arrange time to balance life after emergency hours with billions of contracts.

Media and social networks have spread a portrait of a 35-year-old girl who has been responsible for making decisions as well as operating transactions worth tens of millions of dollars as one of the largest banks in Japan. Y.

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Nguyen Thi Hien Trang – a Vietnamese daughter responsible for billions of dollars in London

According to Nguyen, Nikko is the second largest bank in Japan, Nikko Bank, which is only 35. But she has made many people admire that her colleagues in 2018 have held 5 transactions with a total value of more than 16.45 billion USD (almost 400 thousand billion).

In particular, the largest transaction is $ 10 billion, in collaboration with AB Inbev, Belgian beer company. Trang acts as a meeting point for customers, persuading them to issue bonds advised by Nikko.

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He wants to spend more time with a small family.

Probably because of a Nikko chief worker, Trang had to fly to many parts of the world to meet with clients and deal with dealings, which has caused her to spend a lot of time away from home . 6 months a year.

However, the heavy workload did not drown the page, she knew how to balance himself and her husband and two children. She had also shared the diet, eating and exercise system very clearly.

The principle of the page is when it comes home, it does not check emails or text messages, even leaving the phone to stay in another room and not watch TV. Not only does the "biliwnist girl" also have a "private place" for playing piano, yoga, tennis or running, avoiding fast food and sleeping.

Speaking about his forthcoming plans, Page says that she gives a great priority to her family because her two children come to school. "I can take into account work, perhaps moving to smaller touring industries to spend more time with them, such as learning Vietnamese or bringing them back to Vietnam to see more grandparents," said Trang. .

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According to Hoang Vy (Youth of the World)

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