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A series of cars was placed on the Ha Long-Hai Phong highway with deliberate stones


Friday, February 22, 2019 16:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Recently, it seems that some of the young men's deliberate phenomenon throws stone on cars on the Ha Long-Hai Phong highway.

A series of cars was placed on Ha Long-Hai Phong highway - 1

On February 22, he said exchange with Policy Nguoi Lao Dong, a representative of Ha Long Highway – Hai Phong Expressway Management Board, said that the Access Control Board acknowledged a number of first owner cases in recent days. There are traffic cars on Ha Long-Hai Phong highway by strange objects in cars that travel high speed, causing a danger to life and traffic safety.

According to High Ha Long Hawaii Phong Highways Management Board, the location was collapsed by the objects at the Tien Phong (Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province), near the BOT hole boat of the Bach Dang bridge. .

Typically, about 21:44 minutes on February 20, car drivers bring BAC Range 15A Range to Bont Bach Dang Station and report that they are locked with stones by 3 objects on the bridge over the Tien Phong cross. car. As a result, the Rover Range broke the glass first.

Only about 45 minutes later, a container truck continued carrying BKS 77C.092.xx into the car, causing the wind cut to carry.

Next to 23 hours on the same day, a bus driver continues to reflect on the Small Dang BOT station being transported by the object at Tien Phong crossroads, unfortunately, not a lot of harm.

On the same day, the Long Hawaii Ha Long Hai Management Board has reported to Quang Yen Town Police to record the scene and ask for an investigation into the case.

A series of cars was installed on Ha Long-Hai Phong highway - 2

He informed the Long-Hai Phong fast motorway management board, before that on 18 and 19 February, some drivers arrived at the Small Dang BOT station to report passing by Tien Phong (town In commune Quang Yen, some people stand on the over- over to throw stones into cars. Gratefully, the thorned stones did not break the glass, so much damage did not make it necessary for the authorities to record damage to the vehicle. On February 22, the stone throwing situation was more dynamic, the subjects stood on the stone throwing bridge directly to the traffic vehicles that cause damage to property, a risk to drive life .

"Stoned seems to be deliberately when it was 18 and 19-2 days, but the subjects did not graze and threaten driving. By February 22, she was thrown straight on the vehicle causing damage to her property and danger. I hope that the police will soon investigate and arrest those with this dangerous behavior "- said the Hawaiian Board Board of Highways Management Control Board.

It is known that the police in the town of Quang Yen are investigating and explaining the case.

The police investigated young people who were chewed, kneeled and asked to kick

When receiving news about the driver, the driver was arresting a person throwing a stone car, Mab La's police went quickly.

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