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A rape case failed to investigate, killing a 13-year-old girl

Wednesday, November 28, 1818 16:17 PM (GMT + 7)

According to the case file, the grandchildren only saw the school, Real and Zoom back to please and emphasize the intention of rape but the child resisted, killing the victim, put the body on the bridge, create the scene as an accident.

Investigate unsuccessful rape cases, killing a 13-year-old girl

Actors and Reporters at court

On November 28, at the Dak Lak People's Court headquarters, Da Nang opened an appeal hearing against defendant Nong Van Thuc (SN 1995, living in Doan Ket 2, Cu Hue commune, Ea Kar district, Dak Lak province ) on "Murder", "Robbery" payments.

Regarding the case, the Panel appealed to the Nong Van Phang (SN 1998, EA Sien commune, Dak Lak province), to trial for "Murder".

The content of the show, Real and Zoom is both exciting. On 4/4/2016, Take a motorcycle carrying a home Phong in the Ea Kar area. When he came to the section of the village of Ea Cung (Krong Buk commune, Krong Pak area), he met Nguyen Thi T. (aged 13 at Ea Sien commune, Buon Ho town). enter the other address

After that, carrying around a car, holding a piece of acacia tree 56cm long back to block the road, hit the victim burning and dragging T. to the coffee lot by the way, rushed in the pocket of cell phone sufferer.

Do not stop there, Truong Phuong carries children into the deeper in the coffee, T. children wake up, call for help. At the time, I had a wooden log hit his head, causing him not to fall 2 times. See that T. has a large body, the born born of the intent of sexual intercourse. However, when the Act is a bad behavior, the victim continues to wake up and shout.

The fear of T. grandson charges her, The wooden stick hit the next 3 times, causing the victim to die. Then do not carry out acts of intercourse that are the same body of the victim's body to the bridge overflow (village 6B, Ea Sien commune) not to tangle. Due to the basin, basin waters, the Department has carried the victim to the bridge and has created a scene as a traffic accident.

After investigating, on 6/6/2016, the Dak Lak province police have real arrest and Report.

In July, 1977, the Daklak State People's Court gave the case in the first case trial and sentenced to a prison sentence of life, Sentenced to 12 years imprisonment on murder charges.

However, by September 2017, the High Court in Nant Nang sanctioned all criminal offenses of the first place and transferred the case file to Procuratorate the People from Dak Lak province in accordance with the regulations.

On July 24, the People's Court Dak Lak opened the province of the second hearing and sentenced the defendant to prison for life for murder, 3 years imprisoned for theft; The penalty for the Act is a sentence of life. Defender Nong Van Phang was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison for murder.

Disagreeing with the first Dak Lak People's Court ruling, the victim's family has appealed, asking the court appeals to try to increase the penalty of both defendants. At the same time, consider, explain the violence of both defender against the victim.

At the today's appeal hearing, the High Court in Da Nang received the appeal of the family, canceling the first Judge of the People's Court Dak Lak, who transferred the case file to Provincial People Profession Dak Lak will re-investigate.

The bite that is exposed to violence, kills the girl

During the investigation, the researchers gave particular attention to the details of the assailant that was blown by Mrs N. in his left hand.

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