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73 year old rape protection school in the toilet


Thursday, November 29, 2012 14:00 PM (GMT + 7)

See the baby only in the toilet, Le Ba Nhan to find the baby candy and then do bad …

On November 28, the High Court of People in Ha Tinh announced a first judgment that Le Ba Nhan was sentenced to the "blue barrel" (SN 1945, ref 6, Huong Son, Ha Tinh) 12 years imprisonment for violence children.

According to the indictment, about 13 hours 30 minutes on October 12, 2017, Le Ba Nhan defended the primary school, cleaning the student toilet area. When I saw my niece H. (SN 2009) alone, Nhan came with a candy to seduce the child and then sexually intercourse with H. However, because of the baby's daughter's pain, so it was stopped.

School protection Violence 73 year old girl in the toilet - 1

Defendant Le Ba Nhan in the first hearing. Photo: Phu Vinh

In the trial, the panel found that the sentence of 12 years in the first case sentence by the People's Court of Ha Tinh (on 25-5-2018) stated that Le Ba Nhan was loyal, logical; Ensure the right person, the offense, the law and the criminal of the accused. Therefore, there is no basis to consider alleviation of the penalty for Le Ba Nhan. Therefore, the High Court in Hanoi rejected the defendant's appeal.

The Panel also considers that the sentence given on the defendant's criminal offense is particularly serious; In addition, the Panel has considered that the criminal offender and criminal responsibility part of the elderly defendant, who was credited with the revolution, won the Military Medal of the III State Medal, was the Ministry of Transport memorial The episode "For transportation case".

As in the first case, the defendant was not eager to declare the case, but he continued to use his "attention ears" to refuse all the evidence.

A 8-year-old girl was

Taking advantage of the 8-year-old girl playing alone in the temple, Yong has dragged the baby to the toilet to rape wearing …

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