Tuesday , January 25 2022

& # 39; 14-15 & # 39; backyard, do not think the prime minister does not know & # 39;


"Where only 1, someone 14-15" back yard ""

Speaking at the end of the conference on innovation, raising the efficiency of state-owned enterprises (SOE) with a focus on corporations and corporations taking place on the 21st morning, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized a conference very important, which includes assets with 3 million billion assets; capital of 1.5 million billion. This is a huge amount of capital and assets, because the GDP of the whole economy is more than 5 million billion.

Recalling the time, the SOE restructuring was accelerated, the number of more than 12,000 SOEs was reduced to less than 600 enterprises focusing on key sectors. However, the First Minister stated that the production efficiency and business activities and contributions of many SOEs were low, not proportionate to resources; Debts, losses, losses, corporate governance is weak …

She has a 14-15 back yard, do not think the First Minister does not know - Monday 1.

PM swapped out with delegates

The First Minister mentioned a series of inadequacy in SOE governance, but the state of refusal to learn new innovation, the old copy, old wine bottle & # 39; or goats who are selling puppies, the animal in front of the backyard. .

"Not a front yard but a back yard 4.5". I say that these fighters can not say the name, there are 14 to 15 back yards, do not think the prime minister does not know, "said the prime minister.

Corruption, self-benefit prevents civilization

The PM also noted that fairness as well as S & T investment in SOEs should be considered "critical" rather than "key". "There is still fear of losing a situation, a role after equity, redirecting; The mind for restraint has slowed the pace of renewal, group interests, corruption, personal identity restrict balance, redirect," reminded the head the Government.

The prime minister reported a number of pollution incidents, some of which had been committed in SOEs, and said there was a long way to go to solve state control, especially the subjective shortcomings by the officers involved. there is a great corruption.

"The opinion of the Party and State is to continue to achieve the prevention, corruption, negligence and overcome the equity restrictions," said PM. pont ministries, locations, corporations, corporations, SOEs are more focused on implementation and task.

He has a 14-15 back yard, do not think the First Minister does not know - Monday 2.

PM expires to the conference

He also noted the situation after the inspection, there are some places, not for anyone to work at all, even stagnant who do not serve people, businesses. In business, do not eager to think, scare, talk, deal, worry, fear of responsibility.

"If the local people have this problem, the other thing that gave it will obstruct". If the corporation, the corporation has problems that are not well-managed to lift, the fellows will drop the radio, "the First Minister stated the status." Silence is gold "," how to feed "how to grow.

In the coming time, the First Minister asks all levels, sector, corporations, corporations, SOEs to seriously understand the views, objectives, tasks and answers to continue restructuring, improving SOE efficiency. "We must decide to strengthen the control, do not let the situation" frontyard, backyard, "stressed the First Minister.

In the restructuring of SOEs, in the SOE, the First Minister asked: "Appoint leaders, managers and capital representatives of good ethics and professional capacity" The people who work, but not the family. The transparency of best publicity in preservation issues. "

The First Minister also suggested that the Home Affairs Ministry does not leave vacancies in staff working in SOEs. "Do not let the situation last two years or three years without the chair of members of the council, without the general director, have defeated forever, people thought they were running," he said. Prime Minister.

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