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20 years hiring foreign coach 7 times, why is VFF now looking for foreign players?


The Vietnam team has been through many foreign coaches so far, because in the strategic vision as well as in fact, only foreign coaches are helping Vietnam to achieve more achievements using domestic buses. .

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To continue to defeat more titles for Vietnamese football, VFF and Hang Here Park need to add more quality Vietnamese foreign soldiers to the national team.

Before Hang Seo's leading Guietnam Training Park, since 2000, the Vietnam team has spent 7 overseas coaches and 3 times the domestic coach has led. In the contract foreign trainers, not all trainers are good, in accordance with Vietnam football. Names like the coach from Brazil Dido, Tavares, French trainer Letard, Falko Goetz, the famous German are failures.

However, Coach Riedl, Calisto or Miura Coach are genuine quality contracts, bringing new vibrancy full of vibrancy to Vietnam's football at that time.

Mr Riedl has brought a silver medal to the Vietnamese football for 3 times, and once came with Vietnam football to the Asian Cup finals in 2007. Mr Miura helped the Vietnam Olympics to win the qualifying round. won 17 in AS Korea, bringing Vietnam to the 2014 AFF Cup semifinals, and Vietnam U23 the bronze medal for the 28th SEA Games and for the first time in history there was a ticket to the Under 23 finals in Asia.

The Calisto coach was the one who helped the Vietnamese team to win the AFF Cup for the first time in 2008, and Vietnamese U23 won the silver medal at the 2009 A … t

There are 3 domestic trainers from Vietnam, coach Phan Thanh Hung, Hoang Thanh Phuc, or the latest coach Nguyen Huu Thang, leaving only the memorable Vietnam team milestones. It is highly anticipated but the Huu Thang Coach was continually disappointed in 2 major competitions, AFF Cup 2016 and 2017 SEA SEA Games.

Vietnam U22 with players including Quang Hai, Duy Manh, Bui Tien Dung, Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong were excluded from the group stage SEA Games that year under the guidance of coach Huu Thang.

And as a marvel, those people, when they came to Hang Hang Hangach Park, managed to succeed in another success: U23 Asian runners in 2018, 2018 Asiad semi-finals, AFF Cup enemy didn't win the final round t Asian U23 in 2020 …

Obviously, using the foreign trainer has brought quality, looks different from a Vietnam team, why VFF or Vietnamese footballers, who are strategic, don't care to call, are looking for players t "foreign troops" with good quality Vietnam to complement the Vietnam team.

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Filip Nguyen's goalkeeper played strikingly in the Czech Republic League

Obviously, for many years, everyone has seen neighboring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, or most recently the Philippines have used foreign troops to help their teams become powerful, to win many successes. in the conquest of Southeast Asia in particular, Asia generally.

So far, only a team that has joined the Phillippine team, even a “good impetus” for the Vietnam team won 3 points in the group stage of the tournament, has now been thrown and become a "stage". . " Opponents of enemies "thank them to add quality foreign troops" Overseas "from countries that are returning to serve the country.

A "island nation" like Singapore with only 6 million people, but they know how to recruit talents everywhere have helped their national team 4 times Southeast Asia football championship.

“Now we are thinking about adding Viet Kieu's foreign soldiers too slowly. VFF should have done this for a long time, making it organized, professional, institutional, don't lose or waste the inherent talents like Lee Nguyen, the American Vietnam is an example, ”he shared Vinh Thanh coach Vinh with PV People.

20 years hiring a foreign coach 7 times, why is VFF now looking for foreign players? - 3

A Vietnamese football has lost a talented Vietnam player from the name of Lee Nguyen, who plays extremely impressive in the US professional football league and has a long transfer value t to $ 1 million.

The Nguyen Thanh Vinh Coach also believes that Hang Park's departure in Europe to see foreign Vietnamese players like Alexander Dang in Norway, Kelvin Bui in the Netherlands, Jason Pendant in France, Nipyen Filip in the Czech Republic is a good sign right in the period when Vietnam team need additional quality personnel for the team to win higher titles as 30th SEA Games that will take place in the Philippines in December, or win the round. 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar.

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