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2 things did Kim Jong-one want to go to Vietnam-World


Friday, February 22, 2019 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Kim Jong-one is said to have an interest in witnessing Vietnam's society and economy.

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Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia (picture)

Korea leader Kim Jong-one and US President Donald Trump will meet at the second summit in Vietnam on February 27-28.

The whole world will focus on the discussions of both nuclear leaders on non-nuclear issues, but Mr. Kim also paid his attention to the Vietnamese host country. Kim Jong-one might like what he can see in Vietnam, which the BBC reported.

Since 1986, Vietnam has opened its economy and is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. World Bank said the GDP Vietnam could reach 6.6% this year.

The choice of such a big summit is a sign that Vietnam has become a long way since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. A thriving economy and its role The global standout made Kim interesting.

Judging of comments on Vietnamese social media, most people feel proud when the country is chosen to hold the summit.

Mr. Le Dang Doanh, former member of the First Minister's Economic Advisory Group, studied a detailed study of what North Korea could learn from Vietnam's reform process. Doanh was invited to speak to Korean delegations for economic development in recent years.

The ancient economist said that there could be a difference between the two countries but North Korea "can learn how Vietnam moves into a market economy, allowing the development of the young private sector, as well as the economy. Experience of integration economic world and the development of a multilateral economic system ".

Agricultural development

Like Korea, Vietnam, with most agriculture, it began to reform and allow farmers to own, produce and sell themselves on the market. By 1988 Vietnam from the country imported rice became an exporter of this item.

Foreign newspapers: 2 things that make Kim Jong-one for coming to Vietnam - 2

Vietnam of a rice exporter has become an exporter of this product

The success of Vietnamese people may have been known for a long time and it's an example for North Korea to look at it, but there is little evidence that the late dad, Kim Jong-one, Kim Jong-il, be careful this way. For example, he has never visited Vietnam.

Unlike father, Kim Jong-one has shown signs of a more open attitude towards change.

Since taking it in 2011, there have been some reforms in the agricultural sector, for example, allowing farmers to keep some of the crops that they harvest.

And in April last year, Kim announced that North Korea had been able to enable nuclear weapons to produce, now they can focus on improving their standard of living.

Vietnamese experts like Le Dang Doanh said the Korean situation had some similarities to Vietnam in the early transition period.

Vietnam has also been subject to trade penalties but has gradually changed with reforms to agricultural co-operatives.

Vietnam facilitates foreign investors, normalizes world relations and privatizes many corporations and states. The President of the US Bill Clinton raised the trade case on Vietnam in 1994, and a year later, he joined Vietnam with the Association of Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN), then became a member of the Institute. International Trade (WTO) in 2007.

Korea can study this change, Mr. Vu Minh Khuong, a Vietnamese scholar at the National University of Singapore and an economic adviser to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

He told the BBC that North Korea could pursue its suit by focusing on organizational and organizational reforms.

"Vietnam has set ambition to become an advanced country in 2045," said Khuong.

Foreign newspapers: 2 things that make Kim Jong-one for coming to Vietnam - 3

Kim Jong-one is told to come to Vietnam

Successful economic reform

Of course, in a short period, Korea can not only achieve some changes.

If Washington and Pyongyang had reached an agreement on denuclearization, it would mean that the US would receive penalties with North Korea, and that the country would attract foreign investors.

And Mr Kim also needs to convince the elite North Korean who is the winner of long-term policies, not giving up to the market forces.

In this respect, Vietnam will be an example of learning, according to the BBC.

"Vietnam has learned how to pursue a multidisciplinary foreign policy, to avoid being dependent on economy, and to build modern financial and banking systems," said Le Dang Doanh.

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