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100 Sustainable Enterprises announced in 2018 Vietnam

The program has been instructed by the First Minister who has been assigned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam with almost 500 applications. Initiatives must take a rigorous selection of level on the ground and send them to the Appraisal Council including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with other ministries: Plaid Central Committee of the Ministry of Labor, Invalid War and Social Affairs, Ministry Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, the General Confederation of Vietnam and the Commission Securities State.

To reach the list of 100 sustainable businesses in 2018, businesses have to meet 131 rigorous screening criteria based on the Corporate Sustainability Index (DPC). An integrated index of international practices and standards, together with current Vietnam law regulations, helps businesses to make effective and robust governance. Therefore, this is considered a measure of value, the mirror reflects the growth of the business.

2018 Sustainable Businesses were honored in the program

2018 Sustainable Businesses were honored in the program

In the list of 100 typical businesses, except for famous brands such as Vingroup Group, Vin Vink Dairy Joint Vin Company, Coca-Cola Vietnam Beverages Company Limited, Fasnam Joint Trading Bank Stock for Investment and Development … a lot of Companies first "Sustainable enterprise" such as Tam Binh Pharmacy. This is a rewarding recognition for the Company's efforts in recent years.

Ms. Le Thi Binh - The Director of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company received the title of Sustainable Enterprise 2018

Ms. Le Thi Binh – Director General Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company Received the title of Sustainable Business 2018

To achieve this title, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical has met the criteria in the fields, including: compliance with the law, protection of the environment, corporate governance, product assurance of customer satisfaction and consumers; healthcare, welfare for employees; social responsibility …

Determining the quality of products will create trust in customers, help businesses to develop sustainable, Company products such as Tam Binh, Tam Binh Gout, Tam Binh, Binh, Tam Binh spend … is being investigated & Thoroughly licensed by the Ministry of Health and most patients across the country believe.

As one of the largest pharmaceutical brands in Vietnam, Tam Binh Pharmaceuticals always adheres to laws, ensures business development, sales growth and market expansion. The company has the right orientation, the construction of professional personnel, the renewal of technology regularly and the application of modern technology.

Pharmacist Le Thi Binh -

Pharmacist Le Thi Binh – "captain" to navigate Tam Binh's growing stronger ships

For sustainable development, Tam Binh also built a very specific business culture. The employees of the company enjoy all employees' benefits, insurance, healthcare and well-being, according to the law, even higher than those prescribed. In addition, the company also organizes professional training and skills for employees. Assigning the development of socially-related enterprises, the company always participates in charitable activities such as medical examination and treatment, free medicine distribution, poor gifts, people in areas remote. Remote Remote Disaster …

Sustainable business grading and grading program is not just a story, but also proud of every enterprise. It also means the meaning and stimulus of sustainable development and the Vietnamese business community. Since then, Vietnamese enterprise products can compete in the international market and become a national brand, the national pride.

Thien Dung

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