Tuesday , January 18 2022

Zulianos confirmed a democratic occupation in an election simulation – Correo del Orinoco


The massive participation of the Zulia people in the election simulation held this Sunday, confirmed their commitment to democracy that is being strengthened by popular electoral processes.

From young people to older adults, he attended the call of the National Electoral Council (CNE), to take part in this pedagogy exercise that was developed before the elections held on December 9, to elect representatives of the town's municipal councils.

Olga Marin, who lives in the May 1 sector of Maracaibo, said the Zulia and Venezuelans people generally gave a message to the world on Sunday November 11, when they are turned to the electoral centers which was enabled to show what will happen in December, where revolutionary militants and the conscious opposition and the country's love will again confirm the democracy of Venezuela.

"Today, we confirm our commitment to democracy and on December 9, we will do with more power," said Marin.

From the Education Unit La Alegría La Chinita, Yaneth González, who lives in the Guajirita Tres sector, said that the election simulation was a solution for those who had participated in the electoral process for 20 years and apprenticeship for new voters.

He said that the election test was a tool of the CNE so that the elector became familiar with the technological platform, knew the political options and provoked the disgust of the electoral system.

He took the opportunity to invite the people on 9 December to take part in the new election party in Venice, where the "democratic system and freedom of the country will be strengthened."

He described the Marlin Medrano process quickly and easily, which was also the center at La Chinita School.

"In two minutes I did exercise, it's very fast at all times. We've already used it to the number of elections that we have taken part in. This is an opportunity to renew how it's & # 39; The process knows and knows how the electoral card is, "he said.

For his part, Zenaida Fernández said that this exercise demonstrates the transparency of the CNE in each electoral process and is invited to repeat the huge help in the simulation, on December 9, to elect the nearest spokesmen of the town , such as councilors.

In Zulia, 173 representatives of the 21 urban chambers, 45 are elected in a list, 108 nominated and 20 indigenous councilors.

For the process, 2,503,624 people are called.

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