Saturday , January 23 2021

"Work to restore the electricity service in Zulia in the next hours"

Omar Prieto: "Work to restore the electricity service in Zulia in the next hours"

Zulia's governor, Omar Prieto, said on Monday, April 1, that work was continuing on electricity recovery in Zulia, while strengthening the coverage in water and food distribution, after more than 65 hours of national blackout. Extend to Zulia.

"At the moment, we continue with the Contingency Plan, reinforcing the comment on the water issue with the Bolifarian mayors assuming that water fountains and tanker trucks are used. Another plant moves from 1500 KVA to optimize the sending of Plant C to Maracaibo and San Francisco.We also move another 500 KVA factory to improve the supply of B plants to the t Minimal sectors in San Francisco, in this case, the Los Cortijos parishes, José Domingo Rus and Domitila Flores, "he said on his Twitter @omarprietogob.

"In the food issue, I want to inform us that we are located with @ClapOficial in San Francisco, Maracaibo, La Cañada de Urdaneta, Jesus Enrique Losada and the Axis Guajira and Perijá," added another message on the social network.

He also referred to the health issue: "We maintain and manage emergency and obstetric rooms in 19 priority hospitals to ensure coverage of our town. It is important to note that we are going with the Zulianas and Zulianos as the work progresses to restore the electricity service in the next few hours ".

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