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With this gloss you can save up to 60% of battery in the cellphone Cuyo diary


Camera with thousands of megapixels, power speakers, identifying fingerprints, face, iris and ear. What do all these things have in common? That is not useless if the phone runs out of a battery.

Although we have already made notes on recommendations to make the battery last longer, now an alternative was chosen: put the screen "dark mode". The program is known to programmers, which often use black backgrounds to edit code and reduce visual effort. And a number of applications are also offered with the name "night mode".

But now, the new AMOLED displays offer this "student" Being good and eye-catching allows us to earn hours of battery.

In the Android developer convention, for example, when playing a video on YouTube, on the full screen and with 100% of probability, the team ate 239 mAH. In doing so, but with the dark mode being implemented, he spent 96 mAh.

The same test was made with the Google Maps application, in the normal and dark-night manner. The use of battery reduced from 250 to 92 mAh.

What is the reason for this saving? On LCD screens, light is a light that crosses pixels to produce colors. But on AMOLED screens, the pixel looks individually. For this reason, all pixels have red light, blue light and green light: to show the black, the pixel turns completely off the three lights; To show the white, it's all light. For this reason, if the background is black, more pixels are waiting away.

Anyway, the savings may not be so good. In the tests the 100% brightness was used. With the brightness in half, the savings are only 14%. It's something, but it's not so radical.

Dark Mode has included in version 9 of an Android operating system. This rescue, in any case, occurs in cell phones with AMOLED screens. IPhone users can also try to use less energy by operating the inverse smart color option in the configuration menu.

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