The system with WhatsApp to add links is very simple: the system checks the numbers in our mobile phone agenda and they are registered in the service, they appear to be links Automatically start conversations. This has happened since its launch, and it's one of the most interesting assets, as it combines our mobile phone's agenda with its contacts.

Although it is a simple way to get in touch with friends and family, it's a bit problematic to start conversations with people that we do not have in the agenda, because it is mandatory Add them to our contacts before starting a chat. Now the company wants to simplify this process and will update its systems keep in touch with two new options: QR codes a add links.

The first will enable us create a QR code with a contact info so that anyone who names the camera of their mobile to the code is added as an attachment to an extension, and by extension, a chat in WhatsApp starts. The second is a direct option to start a conversation by entering the contact number we do not need to be previous in our agendaWhatsApp is responsible for adding it when we give the data.

It can be a very important asset to start and launch WhatsApp deliberately for business, but also for all users who are looking for a quick and easy way to start conversations on WhatsApp without the need to add links to & # 39 ; r calendar or, directly, for temporary or occasional conversations.

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