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What will happen to Huawei phones in Venezuela after Google's decision?


Google has broken with Huawei. The American technological giant, Google, who owns Alphabet Inc, decided to cut links with the most important phone company t Chinese According to source, Huawei told the agency Reuters.

The decision is that Donald Trump's government has included Huawei in a commercial black list, establish restrictions that will complicate the technological giant's ability to do business with companies in the US.

The company stopped businesses that requested the transfer of hardware and software products, with the exception of those covered by open source licenses. The Asian giant Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd will lose Android operating system updates and the next version will not have its mobile phones outside China applications and services such as Google Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps.

What will happen to the millions of phones of the brand are being distributed worldwide and especially those in Venezuela. Cocuyo effect consulting the journalist who specialized in the technological source Fran Monroy, to know what will happen with the brand's mobile phones in the country: t

1️⃣?♂️ "The recommendation is silent, in theory nothing should happen". Monroy expert said the Chinese company at a press conference on Monday, 20 May, said consumers would not be affected by Huawei phones. The devices will have updates of Google applications and services, but there will be no new ones. Nor will they have the inner part of American manufacturers, such as: processors.

2️⃣ eisoes Those already with Huawei brand phones will continue to use the open source services o Android. The Asian giant doesn't do many updates of operating systems, so with the old system you can still use the applications, what you can't do is update the system. operating system of Android. "The last P7 that Huawei sold in Venezuela stayed in android 5.1"Monrroy said.

3️⃣ Google There are Google services that have an open source license or public domainmeans they can be used without payment and can be customized. Others owned by Google or licensed as Drive, Gmail, Google Music and Play Store may not be used.

4️⃣ ? "Do not buy a new Huawei team or joke." Monrroy recommends that smartphone users avoid buying the new equipment Huawei will launch on the market. "After the P30 don't buy anything. "

5️⃣TheTechnology specialist, the Google veto will not yet affect Huawei mobile phones in the country, but in its infrastructure because the Chinese company has equipment installed in Venezuelan tele-operators. "(Huawei) sold a lot of infrastructure, from antennas to ports LTE Network of Movistar it's from Huawei, then we're going to be caught because it's a technology that won't be supported, when the problem is over, the Chinese is the only ones that will respond. "

Monrroy warns that you can be skeptical about the spying in Latin America because if the US allows them for the "supposed rubbish", which eliminates the fact that Huawei does not care Venezuelans?

6️⃣ eraill Other Chinese brands without problems. For other Asian companies making phones in China, such as Xiaomi and Meizu, nothing happens to them because they are not involved in spying cases. Huawei is guilty of infrastructure spying.

7️⃣ ? Don't be afraid of losing the gallery and its videos. Monrroy does not believe that these measures taken by Google can disappear from the photographic images held by the mobile phone.

8️⃣ wr The expert believes that Huawei still has to create a new operating system, but "Samsung tried nothing, Microsoft and couldn't. It was a failure, like BlackBerry in the end."

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