Tuesday , January 25 2022

What is a cat tongue that allows them to wash


If you have a cat or not, you know that this animal is he's washing himself regularly with your own language. Recent study published in the magazine National Science Academy Transactions This mechanism has little light on which these animals can do so.

The mills of the mills such as subject spins have been summed up in the same direction as they contain an empty cavity at the front which fulfills a key role in breeding animals.

"The 1982 study came to the conclusion that the papilla cat had a solid cone shape, a observation that had been retained for two decades. In our study, we showed that the papilla It really has a spoonful shape, which allows him to use surface tension forces to absorb saliva, "said co-authors of the paper, Alexis Noel and David Hu.

"It was studied before the quantity of the fleas increases if the cats do not clean and there were microscopic studies of papillai, but it was not the first to find that the papillae they have a gap that is related to mitigation"Hu said.

According to the investigation. Each papilla has a U-shaped cavity that allows saliva to accumulate in the mouth and use it in slates. This gap may include Up to 4.1 microliters of saliva, which would be something like a tenth of eye leaks.

Every time the cat is trying 50% deposits of this fluid in your hair but in order to be effective for cleaning it must reach the skin, something that is hard in some species with a very long fur. "The papillai must reach the skin to dissolve the oil and the rest of the materials, Persian cats have a coat too thick to penetrate the papillary, because they can not reach the skin, the cat can not clean up ", Hu said.

The saliva also refreshes and enables the animal regulating your body temperature because cats can only sweat from the bottom of their legs. "Saliva deposition near the mill skin can provide up to 25% of the cooling needed for thermoregulation of cat," he said.

Without the empty papilla the saliva on the surface of the tongue would only wet the upper layer of the skin, leaving the whole hair intact. The same flexible base allows them to penetrate in the thick untouched coat.

With these findings, the researchers impressed a gradual version of the silicon papila in 3D and they turn them brush. This tool allows collapse with less power and it is easier to clean than conventional.

As well as for cosmetic applications, Noel said in statements The Associated Press the ideas of the cat's tongue "it could help us to use liquids, clean carpets or using medicines"

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