Thursday , January 28 2021

Weekenders in Europe: Higgin, Christian …

As we analyze the most outstanding European Premier League performances every week. This weekend, Higuaín's first first, Cristiano Parma double double and Aguero double against Arsenal has taken over the sports pages in England and Italy.


The Argentine assault made his first player in Chelsea in a comfortable game for the blue team. Higuain opened the scoring and ended the Stamford Bridge team against the bottom of the Premier, Huddersfield. He served his performance to save Sarri and it was questioned that there were several conflicts with some members of the wardrobe during the week and even with many fans in public.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has returned to the top of his double double Serie A charts this week against Parma. The Portuguese already has Objecteri & # 39; Italy with 17 goals. In addition, he helped Rugani, although it was only a goal of Gervinho in the 93s that gave all that gave the final draw to Parma at Allianz Arena.


History made on Argentina this weekend at the Premier. He is the first foreign player to win ten tricks in the league in England and the second he got after Alan Shearer. He gave his three winks to City against Arsenal in the most attractive game in England.

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