Thursday , August 11 2022

Vinotinto U17 continues to be breathed in South America


Those led by José Hernández accumulate two pictures and remain second in Group A

DRAFT | CARACAS.- Two dates, two draws. This has been the performance of the Vinotinto is-17 at the start of the South American tournament in Lima, Peru. The latest was just before the hostess.

The game was held University of San Marcos stadium finish without nodes. During the ninety minutes it was a permanent game, with opportunities for both sides, but the goal never came.

It wasn't an easy game, in front of them were the locals and the national team who were very willing to compete in the competition.

With the tie to zero, the box is placed in the second Group A box, which equates to units with Peru which is third by goal difference. Ecuador looks at them from the above with four units, while Chile is fourth with one point and Bolivia in the final position.

In his two presentations (the first against Ecuador) Venezuela has shown that he formed a fairly compact group, balanced in terms of defense and attack, a selection that does not produce spaces so easily. In addition, when you attack, always look for Perez, while Ruggie's individual actions have broken on competitive defenses; the only thing he hasn't seen is the effectiveness that faces the opposing goal.

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