Thursday , January 20 2022

Venezuela was a champion in the World Software Softball Cup


In the party held at the Central Stadium, he won the national payroll with a blackboard from 20 to 19 to Nicaragua in the last day

NICARAGUA.- The Venezuelan team Bandits with only one arm He left with a title World Revised Softball Championship, which took place between Wednesday 7 and Saturday 10 November at Managua, The Nicaragua.

In a party that has maintained in the Central Stadium, the national payroll was set with a black board 20-19 and probably from Nicaragua in the last day.

In this way, Venezuela adds the world's tenth title to its record. Its record also includes three silvers and four bronze.

In the semifinal round, they exceed 13-3 of the power group invited from Unique Apple, which makes life in the state Aragua.

In the first phase, Venezuela was defeated and two wins, as a result of their visit Nicaragua 7-10; with Guatemala 11-0 and with Power Force Individual 12-11.

Selected participants from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Colombia took part in the 2018 Modified Softball Football Championship..

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