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Two dead and 22 were injured by the Army in the Great Sabana


February 22, 2019 10:21 AM
After to be updated on February 22, 2019 10:48 AM

Two native people died on Friday after the Army's regeneration Army & San Francisco de Yuruaní community, located in La Gran Sabana. At least 22 people were injured.

Correspondent team And National He confirmed that people injured in the lowest extremes were staying at the Rosario Hospital Vera Zurita, while people with wounds in the upper extremes were transferred to Boa Vista.

Some of the injured were identified as: Alfredo Pérez, 48 years old; Undecimo Fernández (48); Rolando García (51); Fidel Pulido, Neil Hernández (26); Alfredo Pérez (46); Evening Pérez a Pérez Event (21).

On his behalf, lawyer and Human Rights defender, Tamara Suju, said the military had reached bus to alcabala that the Indians kept on the road and started shooting against the Pemones.

"12 people have been injured, 4 seriously. Deaths may have so far from any attention center," he added.

He ensured that the three indigenous officers had been kept and kept isolated. "They are isolated as the Minister for Defense is looking for them, Padrino López, who gives his courage, go," wrote Suju in the social network.

For his part, Deputy José Trujillo Vera said that officials from the Bolivarina National Reserve were staying in different fields of verification on the route from Puerto Ordaz to Santa Elena de Hire.

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