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November 27, 2018 11:16 PM
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At 6:30 a morning a river of people went to the Metro stations in Caracas as part of their daily routine. Everyone has the same goal: to reach your destination in the shortest possible time.

They heard an announcement. "Users are advised, because of a train failure, the system is delayed," said operator on the loudspeaker.

The stage was full of caravans that were hoping to move them. Some stayed in the station areas, others chose to carry a surface and some decided to walk.

Alberto Vivas, a member of the Metro Family Civil Society only explained The National We One of the most frequent factors in Line 1 trains is the traction, which occurs when the train does not accelerate because it does not have enough energy to start the movement.

He added that, in the face of this failure, the train must be removed. To do this, the brake should be manually installed, the train should be turned off and the car should be isolated from the fault. The operation usually lasts 40 minutes; However, there have been times when restoring the service lasted more than three hours.

Vivas said that the shortcomings of the trains that provide a commercial service on Metro Metro Line 1, known as "the Spanish" can not be resolved by the current staff of the company.

"The problem with these trains is that you can not know exactly the blame they have because they have been acquired without a warranty and have no fault, which indicates the possible mistakes that the trains were introduced and how to solve them. " This forces operators to improbify, "he said.

A source linked to Metro Metro, which was anonymously preferred, confirmed a lack of shorthand handbooks and said the trains were carried out in a manual and not automatically pilot, as it was normal.

"Trial is only for urgent seconds. It is irresponsible to drive trains like this, because there is more chance of an accident to occur. In addition, there should be a train operator with a maintenance crew in the cabin and it is not have done, "he said. The National We.

The Asociación Familia Metro refused and the use of this type of train when the MC-4094 contract was signed with the Spanish Systems for the Metro Consortium (CSM) to acquire the new fleet in 2008, because they could not get the certification necessary for function, what they describe as "hydraulic".

That warning will be maintained, as the source indicates that the Metro system is unsafe for users.

"It is the responsibility of the directive that there are trains with traction or air conditioning failures that provide a commercial service. They give the order that the employees do not make the decision to enter a team that ; n fail, but control, "he said.

Failures in operation are not an isolated event. The source noted that the service problem lies in the lack of planning, because, in his opinion, a Manager does not have a specific project for the underground transportation system.

"They do not have a clear Metro Metro project, for example: the soldiers receive the tickets and then they cut you to you because the spinning does not work, they are not even plan for that. so that nothing is known. "

He emphasized that there are no spare parts and a few that are not suitable because they are not compatible with the original system or have the same quality.

In addition, 48 trains have been bought, only 22 are in operation. The rest are dismantled because the technicians use the pieces to install the others.

Lack of staff training is another variable that affects the system. Vivas stated that employees had six months of training, having shared three months of theoretical instructions, two months of practical training and one month of testing. At present, the process lasts 45 days and is not known what they are given.

Metro Familia is concerned about the progress of unskilled personnel in the organization, as the company has received more than 1,000 redundancies for paying profits as employees felt that the amount was not enough for their basic costs.

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