Saturday , May 28 2022

Toyota is betting on the Venezuelan market and launching the Land Cruiser Prado VX


Toyota’s new Prado VX Land Cruiser. | Photo: Decryption

New product was launched on the Venezuelan market by Japanese company Toyota. A Prado VX Land Cruiser truck, “it is a versatile vehicle, known worldwide for its reliability and durability, and meets the most challenging users and standards for its comfort, performance and mobility in urban and off-road cities ”, he explained. Matteo D’Abrizio, vice president of commercial Toyota of Venezuela.

By Decryption

In an interview with this digital medium, the executive highlighted that “this versatile truck, recognized worldwide for its reliability and durability, can satisfy the most demanding consumers as it provides new standards of comfort, performance and precision in successfully combining the luxury and power of an urban truck with the benefits of an all-terrain vehicle ”.

The Land Cruiser Prado VX features a 4.0-liter V6 engine, a 6-speed sequential automatic transmission and a full-time 4X4 drive. Its attractive design includes an intelligent ignition system, ventilated seats, rear view camera, illuminated side stairs, electronic recline rear seats and a convenient fridge in the center console.

– Why does Toyota have such high expectations in the Venezuelan market for its new product, the Land Cruiser Prado VX?

-In these 70 years of Toyota in Venezuela, we have strived to offer vehicles that meet the very high expectations of our customers, with bold and modern designs. Of course the quality of our products stands out which is why we are the desired brand, the ambition brand from Venezuelans and the Land Cruiser Prado has it all: a quality vehicle with the latest technology.

-How many units do you expect to install in the Venezuelan market?

-This year has been one of many challenges, it is no secret to anyone that it has been a very complex year, not only for Venezuela but worldwide due to the pandemic and Covid-19 and the of course demand is limited and reduced in more 40% and Venezuela could be no exception, this year we supply. To date the market has demanded over 1,000 units. We have an inventory in our facilities and believe we can be close to that number and we are clear that these figures will grow in 2021 and 2022 and we will have the units available in our dealer network.

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