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Torres and his home against Orioles refer to history | Baseball

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Creole Player New York Yankees, Torres Gleyber, He has starred in a dream season, with a great mastery of the bat, and made a sport he hadn't done since then 1955 Torres had a pair of homers this Wednesday Orioles Baltimore, it became the fourth player ever with four engagements with more than two men against the same franchise.

It should be noted that the Yankees have seven games left to do against Baltimore, possibly continuing with their home battle. Torres joined Roy Sievers (1995), Gus Zernial (1951) and Ralph Kiner (1947).

Gleyber has shown great force in hitting, o 1961 the Yankees player arrives 10 homers or more against the same competitor, he also has seven men in the Camden Yards this season, something significant to the majors history book.

A native of Caracas is the first player to give 10 of her first 12 bambinaszos in a campaign against the same team. In this way, Torres has become a nightmare for Orioles.

Torres has the best sluggin of any player that has been measured against Orioles 1,233 in its first 11 commitments, surely the Venezuelan makes his mark in the MLB

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