Thursday , January 20 2022

Tips to improve circulation in diabetics


If this happens regularly, then the safest thing is that you have circulation problems, the more common it is because of lack of physical activity, accumulation of fat and / or defective diet.

In this case, we are talking about diabetes, and someone suffering from diabetes is almost impossible to have circulation problems. But why are they particularly inclined to develop cyclical problems?

Dr. explained Enrique López-Villa, a member of the Doctoralia stage, due to the high levels of blood glucose, changes in the blood vessels can occur. Or, if there is no exercise as it should, we can collect too much fat that would clothe the arteries that carry blood.

Some tips that we can share to treat this condition

Drinking enough water, this regenerates and helps to improve circulation because it prevents the blood from becoming visually.

Loss of weight helps to control the levels of sugar.

Avoid refined sugars that prevent changes in blood vessels.

Low fat diet and carbohydrates and go to a nutritionist to help shape a food plan based on tastes and needs.

Foods such as garlic, ginger and fish, help as these all help to eliminate blood vessels that prevent clots.



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