Wednesday , January 20 2021

This would be the Xiaomi mobile phone with a double front and notch camera at the bottom of Technology

Xiaomi is one of the most prolific companies in the launch of mobile phones. With the launch of terminals in China and the West, we have the feeling of getting new Xiaomi mobile every little time Now, the Chinese company would work, according to a new patent, on mobile phone with double front camera and the bottom at the bottom.

It appears that the companies are leaving behind the tip to house the front cameras. Each adopts its solutions before moving to the cameras under the screen, and so we have the Oppo with a camera that can be withdrawn, rumors of the OnePlus 7 with a module, too, it can be Remove back, or the Galaxy S10 and the View This 20.

Anyway, Xiaomi, who betted on the drop notch, now we can try something different, and as we see in the patents revealed below, the Chinese company would experience two different types of color at the bottom.

The first, basically, would be to move the top end to the bottom, highlight the narrow frames in the rest of the body:

The other design would separate the cameras and take one to each of the bottom corners. At first glance, the effect is better, as you are not part; the screen and you have a design that gives the feeling of being a full screen, but it's true t The cameras would have to have an angle to capture the good identities t.

The appearance of the front camera in a lower corner is not new, as it is something that got the Mi Mix 2S before moving to Mi Mix 3 design with sliding back, and by design, this is the most consistent thing to achieve & # The screen is unlimited, as bringing the traditional "" to the bottom is no more than "moving" the problem.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Xiaomi's smart bracelet contains a touch screen of 0.78 "which allows you to check your mobile's notifications from the wrist: you can see your WhatsApp messages or calls coming in, there are Powerful to a depth of up to 50 meters.

Now, you have to see if you are patents have been filtered by Let 's Go Digital they come to the obvious sometime, as they can stay in that, future plans that do not see the light.

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