Monday , May 23 2022

This will be the new Champions League in 2024


The final decision is expected in the next three years: create a new project in the UEFA Champions League. The aim is to make the competition even more attractive to the public from 2024. The name of this project is the “Swiss Champions model”, and it came out as a companion to the “European Premier League” project continues to take shape.

They would go from 32 to 36 teams, and the first phase would have six groups of six members each. This amendment would take effect for the 2024-2025 season. According to The Times, the change has already received ECA approval, a society in which Europe’s top clubs are part, would disagree with more commitments in the tournament of the most prestigious clubs. That would produce an increase in television rights and at the box office. If the amendment is approved, the teams will play a total of 17 games.

Stage of the second group

Another option put on the table is a group second-stage dispute, something done at the time, making teams already disbanded having to six more duels instead of direct elimination as has been done so far.

But nevertheless, UEFA’s preferred assumption is 36 teams divided into six groups. The first two would advance to eighth, in addition to the top four third parties. In this way, all eleven would disagree with a minimum of 10 commitments.

Changes in alliances

If this renewal is approved, the local leagues with 20 clubs will have to remain with 18 in the first division. Therefore, LaLiga, the English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, among others, they will have the mission of rethinking their tournament.

Revoke the equal game in octaves

Distribution would be made with the teams that developed it. The first would meet the sixteenth, etc. The classification would be ordered according to the points gained and the goals scored by each team in their respective group. In this way, game by game, they will have to fight to get a favorable result, contrary to now, from previous dates and several sealed their pass to round 16. The semifinalists would be distributed to the next issue of Champions. For their part, from 17 to 24 of the classification, they would go on to play the Europa League.

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