Friday , June 24 2022

This is the reason why black looks better on Natti Nattasha


Actions make hearts, and Natti Natasha knows exactly how to win the love of her audience through social networks where we all already know that the color black is what marks reggaetonera. Why?

The singer from the Dominican Republic, Natti Natasha is one of the most followed and listened to reggaeton artists on platforms such as YouTube, largely thanks to an intimacy strategy with his followers.

Who has followed her since she worked with Don Omar or since she signed on to her boyfriend’s record label Pina Raphy They know the quisqueyana is vegan, she likes to dance a lot, and is an insatiable perfectionist in her image that is open to criticism.

Here’s how through Twitter, where it accumulates more than 1.4 million followers, NattiNat launch an opinion poll with little explanation “Black or White?” announced the 33-year-old reggaetonera. On the part of Internet users, not knowing much about what was happening, a shower of images was compiled of the ‘In pajamas’ interpreter in black clothing.

The love of dark color is something that “turns on” more than one admirer through networks and that is something that Natti knows. He knows how to take advantage of it! Her black hair would be the reason why, according to the comment box, they make a friend of mine Dadi Yankee shine in most of your outfits.

Her compositional ability and microphones were challenged by her new approach as producer, explored in the midst of adversity due to compulsive sanity isolation, shown in the recent YouTube series called ‘BRAVAS’ Bravo for Natti!

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