Tuesday , November 24 2020

This is how the smartphone camera works with 10x of Oppo

A few days ago, Oppo's vice president, Brian Shen, tweeted A small video showing a powerful 10x optical zoom without loss of quality. Today, finally, the company has advanced us something more about this technology and we have good news and a bad one.

The good news: ten increases without loss of quality

Let's start with the good news. The system that Oppo has created consists in a row of three cameras arranged vertically at the back of the phone. The main is equipped with a 48 megapixel sensor (12 if we want each group of pixels to capture maximum luminosity) and the second is a large angle. The third is the zoom key. It is a group of lenses aligned to the width of the mobile rather than in the exiguo space available in the thickness.

Although the optical route is parallel to the plane plane instead of perpendicular, the thickness of the telephone is not greater than that of other terminals. Between the three cameras that form this system, the equivalent of an 16-160mm optics is achieved. It is a really impressive achievement to be a mobile phone.

Going back to the camera in charge of the zoom. In fact, the camera-periscope system is the same as Oppo presented in 2017 with five increases, only that this time it has twice the power. It is a 10x optical / 20x hybrid digital zoom based on a prism that refracts the image in 90 degrees to make it happen through a group of lenses. The first two, a system called D-Cut, are responsible for correcting the aberrations of the image. The following three are the zoom properly said.

A precise long zoom of a solid stabilization system. In this case, it is a double optical stabilization system. There is one in the main chamber, and another in the camera camera (located in the prism, to be exact).

Bad news: a camera without telephone

The bad news we referred to at the beginning of this article is that the triple camera system with 10x optical zoom is still not available on any phone.

Oppo has not launched any terminal equipped with this spectacular camera. In its place several Oppo R11S has been modified and they have equipped with the triple camera so that we could appreciate their power against a city's model. The result can be seen in these images:

Although the samples are taken in very ideal conditions, it is true that the results of the zoom look excellent at 10x and quite remarkable in 20x, although there are quite a lot of the image cut in digital zoom. Stabilization at those levels, with all, is much better than I expected.

It is a bit disappointing that Oppo has stopped giving the opportunity to present a mobile phone with this camera at this year's Mobile World Congress. However, and after thinking it for a while, we also have to praise the Chinese manufacturer's willingness to patiently expect that your zoom is really perfect before joining it to a terminal. We would have been delighted to see an Oppo smartphone with this spectacular zoom, but something tells me that waiting will deserve it.

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