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This is a systemist system that led Venezuela to abuse


March 11, 2019 01:51 PM
After lasting on March 11, 2019 2:26 PM

Juan Guaidó, interim president of Venezuela, said Monday in the Legislative Palace that the national power failure is unprecedented in the history of the country and to worsen the humanitarian crisis in the country.

"We continue to insist on crisis help and solutions, which are blocks, blocks and burns whoever uses today's functions in Miraflores. We feel things are not going well and we can not communicate with foreign relatives. " Patients with malnutrition die seriously in the arms of their mothers, when we can not buy food because it's all closed, I understand perfectly the despair, "said Guaidó, who asked the body of deputies to approve the national alarm decree .

The interim president stressed that Nicolás Maduro ordered a "systematic procedure that led Venezuela to abuse." "The National Armed Forces will continue to choose the dictator, or will they hide behind Miraflores skirts?" The defense minister ensured that nothing happened, despite the fact that insult and death had been in the country.

The president of the National Assembly confirmed that no more oil will be sent to Cuba. "We do not want to continue to allow people to be a hunger when they bring the money from Venezuela, we will not allow discriminating against it, we ask for international cooperation to make this measure effective, to give oil to the people that need this national crisis. "

Guaidó arrived at the Legislative Palace, which had an electric deterioration before the session, and will therefore begin the case to approve the way in which the crisis in the country approves.

In the statement of the condition of the alarm, the FANB is ordered to arrange the necessary incentives to provide due protection to the facilities and Corpoelec officers.

Security officials are also being ordered not to obstruct or suspend "the legal protests of the Venezuelan people as they express not only reject them to the unfortunate state of the country's electrical system but, above all, their huge depression towards those that with dissatisfaction and corruption. "

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