Monday , January 17 2022

They warn that the production of drop-in oil affects the shortage of gas at home


Caracas.- The decline in oil production affects the domestic gas shortage at a national level, according to the old Petroleos de Venezuela S.A (Pdvsa), José Toro Hardy, on Tuesday.

In an interview to Union Radio, the economist also explained the "associated gas", produced in Venezuela, "there is gas in the same area as oil and, to what extent oil is produced, it is also raising the associated natural gas. "

He also said that the nation is the sixth country in the world with the largest gas reservoirs; However, "non-connected gas reserves" are not used, "which means the shortage of the item brings it." Gas is no longer arriving at Venezuela, "he said.

Put the finest oil production

Toro Hardy predicted that Venezuela will produce "under one million piers a day," according to January, next year, "dramatic terms", according to it.

"The latest report by OPEC – the Organization of the Exporting Petroleum Countries – puts it on $ 1 million of 170,000, but it drops at a rate of 40 or 45 thousand barrels a day, so in month January or February we will be under a million barrels a day, "said the economist.

"Let's remember that 95% or 96% of all dollars that come into Venezuela come from the oil sector, and fundamental to US exports, and more and more problems with the US ", he emphasized.

He also said that he needed to invest "between 25 and 30 billion dollars, between investments and expenses, to solve the problem in gas production, if we are to increase oil production," it must be done "within a period of seven years. "

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