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They show a small functional GameCube and we already want our nation


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In 2016 Nintendo fans were filled with nostalgia with the advent of the NES Classic Edition, a small version of the famous Nintendo Entertainment System, born in 1983.

A year later SNES Classic Edition, which compressed dimensions Super Nintendo in a small console, but far from satisfying the fans, they made them start asking for a small version of the t GameCube.

The company
Japan did not intend to bring this device to the market,
at the moment, but thanks to the magic of the internet, a video was revealed
where we can see it in action.

Before we can see a GameCube mini in operation, Nintendo would have to launch a small version of 64; however, this did not prevent the supporters who succeeded in creating their own console.

Through your channel, the youtuber Madmorda He showed his abilities by creating a fully functional Cube, which you can see below.

As striking as it seems, this console doesn't really have much to do with the famous cube, it's using a plate of t Wii, reduced to measure the same as cartridges of Color Boy Game.

In the video, Madmorda can use the original controls GameCube thanks to adapter, which completes the illusion of having a small version of this console.

Currently there is the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube Classic Edition doesn't seem to be within Nintendo's short term plans, but given the success of the NES and Mini SNES, it wouldn't be strange at some time to make it happen.

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