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They recommend leaving the refrigerator to disconnect even if it has a voltage protector

April 01, 2019 01:50 PM
Updated on April 01, 2019 2:46 PM

For electrical equipment, the problem is that the electricity doesn't disappear but the voltage fluctuations are constantly occurring from the power failure, explaining Carlos Masiá Vieweg, executive director of Venezuelan Ventilation Chamber, Conditioning. Air, Refrigeration and Relationships.

While the population is awaiting the official announcement of the concrete concrete concrete schedules issued by Nicolás Maduro, what has happened in many parts of the country is that energy comes and goes in short periods. Many have commented on social networks that explode light bulbs or that the light fails for only seconds, what people call it "down".

This is the risk of home appliances, especially refrigeration equipment. "People can worry about TVs, air conditioners. But what should be at 24 hours is the refrigerator or the refrigerator, and exactly what has to be most damaged by the voltage variations," he insists that Masiá.

Ensures televisions, microwaves, washers, dryers and air conditioners can stay away. "The wise thing is that everything is disconnected as soon as the electricity disappears, but especially the refrigerator, even if the protector has it, because it's not a guarantee," explains .

What this defendant does is get the electricity in steps until the required voltage is reached for the ignition, but this can be 110 or 150. Then the device lets to & # The energy will pass, even if it comes with more volts, because it doesn't do the full job. It is recommended that the refrigerator is connected to a protector and this controlled device that goes directly to the outlet. This last device is the one that is ensure that no more volts pass than the needs of the device, which in most cases is 110 ".

What Masiá suggests is that the devices continue to be disconnected until the flow of electricity stabilizes, as there is nothing that ensures a low voltage or high voltage compresses a refrigerator.

"There are many factors that affect a fridge to work 24 hours a day to maintain food. That's why they are better disconnected," he insists.

What you need to know

Masía says that around 90% of the population, according to data from the 2011 National Statistics Institute census, includes a fridge or refrigerator in its house, making it one of the most important assets of Venezuelan households.

"Venezuelans must know that a refrigerator can keep the cold between 3 and 4 hours after a power failure, if it remains to be disconnected and unopened." the freezer or the freezer maintains the temperature about 48 hours ", explains the expert.

It 's the most full is the freezer, the better it will keep the cold, so if you don't have a lot of foods frozen, you can fill it with bottles of water when they are frozen, they help to maintain the temperature of the food stored there.

Masiá also points out that the industry cannot meet the demand for spare parts or repair home appliances because, for many years, complete parts and products have not been produced.

We are not able to respond to this crisis, almost all of our materials are imported, and like many other industries, we don't have access to the currency. to be able to provide these parts, "he said.

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