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They launch hardware to perform cryptocurrency mining at home | CryptoNews


Cinmine started a startup on November 14 launch a device that allows anyone to perform cryptocurrency mining at home.

The information was wide in the media a share on Twitter from the CEO and co-founder of the company, Fariba Nivi. This new device, which was identified as Coinmine One, It can be managed with an application and will allow anyone mineral cryptocurrencies from their homes or offices.

In that sense, the company says that The team has its own operating system a, in principle, it will be possible for me ether (ETH), monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), and ethereum classic (ETC) using a mobile application, available on Android and iOS. This software will help consumers monitor their mining activity, manage their portfolios and change the networks in which they operate their devices, because You can only run one of the tickets available at the same time. In addition, that was reported Coinmine will receive a commission of 5% about the cryptocurrencies that were pulled through their devices.

The device uses 120 watts and only produces 40 decibels, which guarantee low power consumption and low audio, compared to what is happening with Other mining devices, which are characterized by the high and high electrical power requirement. , according to Nive's explanations.

In this way, Nivi and his partner, Justin Lambert, think massive extrusion mining, offering options so that more people can carry out the activity with little technical information. In this search to facilitate its use, the system will also be updated automatically, as changes are made to the protocol and there are more conflicts available.

However, the crew of the team ensures that not a device that has planned to get a big profit, It has aimed at people who like technology, ready to get the device in their home. Therefore, it states "people who want to try different protocols and interact with the communities behind them", so they do not focus on keeping a team on a whole through the time. With these features, the entrepreneur expects customers to be more willing to buy the equipment, which will be available to buy next December at a price of $ 799.

Coinmine One is the first product launched by the Coinmine company, which has recently been supported by investors such as Coinbase, Arrington Capital, Brian Norgard, Anthony Pompliano and Balaji Srinivasan.

Home miners

The idea of ​​launching domestic miners to the market is not new. There is a precedent at the beginning 21 Inc, in 2015, He published his first product: 21 Bitcoin Computer, has defined as "the first computer with native hardware and software support for the Bitcoin protocol".

Also the Chinese maker Bitmain put the AntMiner for sale hardware for excavation which is being promoted to "return minerals to the house", due to its low noise and low temperature features.

Prior to these launches, the mining hardware market to block Spondoolies-Tech operations, a hardware and software manufacturing company for bitcoin miners who had negative experience in marketing, among the domestic excavators, mining equipment made with & # 39; The intention of mining in industrial quantities.

Another company that took part in this note was GAW Miners, established in 2014, whose CEO, Homero Joshua Garza, currently pays a 21 month prison sentence for fraud with cryptocurrencies. GAW Miners, together with ZenMiner, specializes in the production, supply and sale of mining hardware initially. Later, both companies were closed and sealed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), following allegations of acting as the Ponzi scheme.

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