Tuesday , January 25 2022

They discover the world's oldest crater in the Groenland


I've been found under the Hiawatha glacier, the 300 meter depth crater and a 31-kilometer-wide crack in the Groenland.

According to NASA, the crater took shape after the 800 meter iron meter hit the north west of the Greenland less than 3 million years ago, then covered the ice and hid it look.

Here is the team of researchers from the Copenhagen University Genetic Geology Center at the Museum of Denmark's Museum that designated the first crater in July 2015.

Center teacher Kurt Kjaer noted that the crater was in excellent conservation, and that's surprising as ice glaciers could get rid of the impact marks quickly.

He also pointed out that the potential effect was at the end of the last nuclear age, which would make it one of the youngest on the planet.

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