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There is no hero to stop Telefnica accident in Venezuela ALnavo


Summer 2018. Jos Mara lvarez-Pallete, president of the Phone, he said ALnavo that's just that Venezuela He has a valid group of heroes. Despite the absence of terminals, despite the quality of the service, despite the asset value reduction, the operation behaves very great. That's in Venezuela they are market leaders.

It's true Movistar He was he and he is the chief executive of the market. But just as true is that Venezuela is on track to disappear from global accounts. In 2018 the bill was 18 million dollars and all the money from income from services came. If this figure is compared to 2017, all of them are stated as 82%. What should be next?

The percentage will be stunning if this is not the only one that has marked the last five years' accounts. Cut 82% in 2018. From 76% in 2017. From 70% in 2016

The great result of Telefnica in Venezuela dates from 2012. Then it invoiced 3.338 million euros. These are counted on the time count count. Examined. Report where the problems to convert the result to euros due to hyperinflation, by 20%, have already been reported.

For Venezuelans, the number, 20%, and the term hyperinflation itself appear ridiculous. At 1,370,000% the 2018 inflation index reached, according to The International Monetary Fund. That's what hyperinflation is.

Things have changed a lot since then. Chavismo is still in force, but with another face. In 2012 the president was Hugo Chvez, who died in 2013, and succeeded Nicols Maduro. This took the country to ruin by a mixture of incompetence and luck: oil prices are no longer what they were.

In Venezuela it is impossible to do business

There is no definitively defining number of the disaster in Venezuela. That is why adjectives are used. And events. Like the one who lives now the country. In these moments, Maduro is on the ropes. Because, among many other factors, the economic barrier,

Jos Mara lvarez-Pallete told ALnavo that he had a group of genuine heroes in Venezuela. Despite the absence of terminals, despite the quality of the service, despite the loss of assets, the act behaves very great

In January, for the first time in 20 years, Chavez seemed a clear alternative. I'm called Juan Guaid and today the president is responsible for the country in accordance with the Constitution. Warranty is recognized by more than 60 countries, and Maduro over 60 states illegally declares it. But Maduro ties into force. And a Warrant presses to take her away.

This fight between the presidents highlights the economic crisis in Venezuela. That is economists BBVA in a recent report. The result is that it not only threatens the growth of the country, but also Latin America has weakened by all raw materials prices and the international funding deficit.

This threat module is awful for the activity of the companies. See in Phone. See in Mapfre. The insurer presented the results two weeks ago and just invoiced 3.5 million euros in Venezuela. They are more typical of start or international.

In Venezuela, it is hard to earn money even an oil company. That is defined as the country with the largest hydrocarbon reservoirs on the planet. A Repsol, who has been operating in the market for 20 years and expecting to continue another 20, according to his president, Antonio Brufau, they pay it in ships that have been loaded with oil because there are no more dollars left.

And what happens when there is no oil? The Norwegian consultancy Rystad He says that if the status quo is held in Venezuela – with penalties and financing problems, that is, if the system is maintained – 800,000 barrels of oil per day are produced in 2019, and 680,000 in 2020.

Heroes who use ingenuity

Telephone Workers

The fact is that Venezuela's forecasts are bleak. There is no clear horizon and that is the worst thing that can happen to a company. And at these moments when the heroes spoke, Ivarez-Pallete appeared. In the case of Telefnica, the nearly 2,000 workers who are running in the country.

Workers who do all sorts of tricks to go on. How to receive payments in cryptocurrencies. With high levels of inflation, money is not valuable. That's why they bet on the alternatives offered by digital money. Especially the money dash.

Dash This is the second most popular cryptocurrency in Venezuela, but more than just the well-known bitcoin. It's so famous because it differs from other, it can be used as cash. In addition, the quotation is added as volatile and also guarantees transaction privacy.

Movistar to 2,500 other stores that Venezuela admits the dash cryptocurrency

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That's why Venezuelans trust in dash. And especially, the Venezuelans who run Movistar stores Petare, i Caracasa La Casona Shopping Center 1, i San Antonio de Los Altos, state Miranda. Both of these businesses receive payment with the cryptocurrency as a means of survival.

Although they do not earn money, the Telefnica heroes also help. Do not forget the recognition given to them in 2017 to the group Movistar Volunteers for their work of support and co-operation in favor Association of Venezuela Anticancer.

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