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The world's largest automotive alliance depends on the name: Ghosn


(Bloomberg) – The world's most automatic alliance faces the biggest challenge so far, as the arrest of its iconic president threatens to finish the union of car companies that it has formed almost two decades ago.

After the announcement by Nissan Motor Co that he intends to fire Carlos Ghosn as president within hours of beginning accusations against him in the Japanese media, and while Mitsubishi Motors Corp. was preparing to do the same, the focus was on A & The third partner replaced the cars manufacturers' win: Renault SA.

The board of the French company, who kept Gosn as a head after he left that role in Nissan, was preparing to hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoons. The directors must decide whether they are supporting their leader or if they only leave their hands to face against allegations of alleged financial conflicts.

What is at stake is a alliance that gave Renault's global importance by providing access to Nissan's knowledge and experience in manufacturing and development. Allying himself to Nissan – his CEO was rarely involved in his depression at Susan's supposed events at a press conference late Monday – Renault would have a better chance to maintain the agreement successfully. Continue to be faithful to Pity threatens the alienation of Nissan, who has already ruined some aspects of the business society.

"It's hard not to find that a game could open between Renault and Nissan," said Max Warburton, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein in London.

The news about Ghosn arrest had only been known hours only when it began to add tension to the automotive relationship. At its press conference in Tokyo, Nissan CEO, Hiroto Saikawa – a reliable man Ghosn – a hard executive of executive with too much power and too much supervision, who could have contributed to the financial misconduct allegation. , the CEO launched an assault on the Renault-Nissan Society, saying that the Japanese market had underestimated and some product decisions were prejudicial.

In France, where the state owns 15 percent of Renault, officers stopped asking for a continuation in an agreement that, according to observers, still favored the French side. President Emmanuel Macron said that the stability of the Renault-Nissan league would be "remarkable".

Questions about life without Ghost triggered over the operations of the three makers. Nissan dropped 6.5 percent in Tokyo on Tuesday as Renault SA finished Monday through Monday in March of 8.4 per cent, reaching the lowest level since January 2015. The news came about the arrest obvious after closure of operations in Japan this Monday. Mitsubishi Motors shares have plunged 7.8 percent.

The disaster produced by the fall of Ghosn talks about the excessive role of the executive that held with a company that has built on its own. The head of Renault, president of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors' new partner, was the 64-year-old man of the common denominator and the company's engine originally formed in 1999, when Nissan was about to fall. More than once, Ghosn intervened to appeal fierce shareholders, and his departure does not let any obvious person fill in that role.

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