Thursday , May 26 2022

the world must look at Venezuela


Political Leader of Wales Party of the Democratic Center (PCD), Carlos Alaimo, took part last Tuesday in a day of protest in Rome (Italy), where leaders of the Italian College of Journalists they told the critics that is lived by governments and the world, threatens constitutional rights free of charge of journalism and editorial freedom.

During the meeting, the PCD leader commented on the environment that exists in Venezuelan, where 60% of the written press in his trial is cheated.

"The iron regulations give up the discharges that the system must release and their independent media, as well as breach of the National Constitution of the Republic as well as the general rights to freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and even the freedom to be told, "he added.

He also talked about media management by the National Government, who even intends to intervene in social networks.

"This is serious, undermines the democratic system whose merits are based on freedom, justice and human rights. The Venezuelan Government spills all values ​​dedicated to not only Venezuela but in democratic countries in an entertaining and desirable way, "he said.

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Alaimo visited the headquarters of the Cáritas International in the Italian capital to raise the situation humanitarian Venezuela is suffering.

"The indicators of extreme poverty with the consequences of lack of food and medicine deaths have reached the ceiling, which means that all international organizations that have prepared for this type of scenario should deal with Venezuela, even in age against the decision of the mature system of Mature to stop such aids. "

During hours & evenings, Alaimo He took part in a meeting with parliamentarians off-South Americans who is in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is responsible for the political situation in Venezuela in their agenda.

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