Sunday , October 2 2022

The Trophy watches the border by air and rivers


UN.- The A / J Remigio Ceballos, executive strategic head of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in Puerto Ayacucho (Ama), to the start of "Operation Soberania Patria 2018" with 2,000 military workers located in the area to deal with cross border crimes committed by irregular groups.

In the entity he was Governor Miguel Rodríguez with each other; M / G Jesús Montilla Olivero, headteacher and Redi-Guiana.

"This operation to guarantee the peace of the border and the protection of citizens to the communities … We constantly fight these crimes that come from Colombia … The command of the head, Nicolás Maduro, is our vigorous retrieval by active and lasting patrols: We increase intelligence and convergence systems, "said Ceballos.

According to a press release Ceofanb, he added that the river and air patrol will continue to search for organized criminal groups and neutralize any extraction and fuel tank.

These steps were taken to comply with the instructions issued by President Maduro, who proposed the G / J_Vladimir Padrino López, the Defense Minister and vice president of Political, Security and Peace Position and the Quest to consolidate & # 39; r security across the national territory, especially in the province of Zulia, Tachira, Apure and Amazonas.

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