Sunday , January 17 2021

The series secretary reveals the key chapters you have to see before the last season – Game of Tons – Our Time is Rubbish!

We are less than two weeks of last season's premiere Game ThronesTV event, year, and if you could not do re-watch of the 7 terms which form the series, so far, there are two ways you can achieve it: t review our reopening in the seasons or following a recommendation Bryan Cogman, author and co-producer of the series.

Cogman i EW the periods that we consider key during the whole series, the same thing that will be able to give you better panorama in front of the whole season, and why you should not even enter a fast road, namely neophyte in the world Game Thrones.

The list includes 21 chapters, which is the first one who has 4 chapters fits in with key with what was said Maisie Williams next to the third one with the same number within those mentioned.

The list looks like this:

Chapters can be viewed on stage HBO Go where each term is available, The best thing is, if you haven't already subscribed, you can see the first season and the second season for free.

The first performance in the eighth season is Game Thrones It's next Sunday 14 o April at the point 7 pm (MEX) through it HBO

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