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The relatives of dead people in Torre Viasa will take a case for the Public Prosecutor and Defense


November 15, 2018 01:15 AM

The relatives of the seven deceaseds in the Viasa Tower, killed by the FAES commission, will report the facts at the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Ombudsman considered that the victim did not face it each other, as they were chosen by the police on the ground floor and then they were taken to the 11th floor where they were killed.

The operation began at the tower at 12:30 in the afternoon, half an hour after he was learned that the additional PNB officer José Antonio Canales had shot in the face to steal the gun from Bolivar Avenue. Someone said that the authors of the law were in that tower.

The relatives of the deceased said they were scared by FAES and PNB, which rotate on a patrol around the building.

The only family given to the death certificate yesterday was one of Asley Flores Rodríguez, 41, because he was going to be taken to Cumaná, and was buried. He died as a result of a hypovolemic shock that caused internal bleeding when he had a shot in the thorax.

Johan Alberto Mijares Izquiel, 22, had been living in the tower for 10 years since the loss of his house in the Petare Union area, as a result of rainfall. This was the ninth of 10 brothers.

Ernesto Mijares, father of Mijares Izquiel, said he had gone out to make a purchase and when the tower returned, the police were cordoned off and did not leave it. "The shooting started at 3:00 p.m. They made a home," he explained.

Mijares Izquiel Tostones sold at Sabana Grande, and a ninth wife and a brother of a daughter. His identity documents were thrown away and the father asked for a copy of the birth certificate to claim the body. Mijares said his son introduced and had six hours of community work.

Jhoani Roca Gil, a telephone, evangelist technician, was home to caring for her three daughters. He was the eldest of three brothers.

The organizations had not been distributed yesterday to relatives, because they will be the subject of remuneration recognition, a process that will defer the introduction of disagreement bodies. In principle, the nearest relative will go to the 125º Public Prosecutor's Office where they will certify the case.

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